Oracle Midmarket—PRIMUS Global Technologies Success Story

PRIMUS Automates Hiring and Onboarding and Improves Performance Visibility by 50 Percent
PRIMUS Automates Hiring and Onboarding and Improves Performance Visibility by 50 Percent


Oracle Cloud enables us to identify talent faster

Oracle Cloud enables us to identify talent faster and support our business growth.

- Ramakrishna Challagulla, Business Operations, PRIMUS Global Technologies Pv

PRIMUS Global Technologies provides consulting services to a range of business sectors from its offices in India and the United States. One of its many services is IT staffing, and after a phase of sharp business growth, the company found itself handling up to 500 new hires a day, through 200 recruiters, for 100 clients.

Before implementing Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, PRIMUS used separate processes to manage recruitment and onboarding, while data from 20 different account managers was habitually aggregated manually into one master spreadsheet to keep track of client staff requirements. There was no single view of candidate information, and it became challenging for recruiters to quickly identify the right talent and meet demands.

With Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, the company now has a fully automated end-to-end recruitment and onboarding process. Job openings and candidate profiles are automatically imported onto a single platform, allowing top talent to be identified more quickly and improving business efficiency. Hiring status can be viewed and tracked from multiple devices, reports created in minutes, and visibility into recruiters’ performance has increased by 50 percent.


  • The need to meet the new-hire demands from more than 100 clients every day
  • Absence of one single view across the organisation’s global hiring status
  • Current processes resulted in duplication of data and hindered hiring efficiency and staff productivity


  • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud increased recruitment efficiency and staff productivity by automatically importing and organising candidate data on a single, easily accessible and secure platform
  • An integrated recruitment platform expanded recruitment channels and enabled rapid identification of talent to meet clients’ daily new-hire requirements
  • Increased visibility of individual recruiters’ performance by 50 percent, supporting business growth and ensuring high levels of service
  • Streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes enhanced the candidate experience and increased staff satisfaction

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