Oracle Midmarket—Vorb Success Story

Vorb – The Interactive Orb Taking Social Video into Orbit

Vorb – The Interactive Orb Taking Social Video into Orbit


Oracle Accelerator programme

Vorb Founder and Creator Tim Kindberg explains why the Oracle Accelerator Programme is perfect for a technology startup.

A vorb is a live, interactive orb of videos that creates multiway conversations, visual experiences and communities around topics or events. And Vorb is the tech startup that makes it happen.

Founder Tim Kindberg says cloud technology and the Oracle Cloud Accelerator Programme, are critical for the success of a technology startup for two reasons. Firstly, it means you don’t have to think about some of the aspects involved in getting your service off the ground, while you also have the perfect platform for experimentation and product development. Secondly, it gives you the capability and scope to develop far-reaching relationships and partnerships and to scale as a business.

Oracle has been instrumental in opening doors for Vorb and for other startups. With such a large customer base of companies of every size, from startups to large corporates, it’s a network that provides valuable exposure to potential customers and like-minded business partners.

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