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Popüler Sorular

Oracle Maintenance

Oracle Fusion Cloud Maintenance is a connected, smart maintenance management solution. Powered by advanced technologies, it enables predictive maintenance and helps you increase reliability and uptime while reducing overall costs.

Discover Oracle Cloud Maintenance

See how Oracle Cloud Maintenance can transform your maintenance processes with an integrated and intelligent enterprise asset management system that’s written for the cloud and designed for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Learn the value of predictive maintenance

Oracle Cloud Maintenance harnesses Industry 4.0 capabilities and uses predictive analytics to anticipate asset failure, estimate reliable lifespan, and generate actionable insights in real time.

Explore Oracle Cloud Maintenance

Asset management

Full lifecycle support

Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets to achieve end-to-end visibility into your maintenance operations.

Gain insight into assets

Access 360-degree view of the asset meter and asset hierarchy, and intelligently simulate operations with a digital twin.

Track assets

Track any asset—whether enterprise owned or customer owned—anywhere, anytime, and achieve fast ROI.

Streamline processing

Automate the process of creating and updating your asset information so you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Drive end-to-end processes

Extend capabilities with pre-integrated Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM applications.

Leverage IoT

Built-in IoT capability provides real-time visibility into asset health and utilization.

Maintenance work execution

Streamline processes

An integrated solution streamlines processes by connecting your maintenance, supply chain, and financial applications.

Plan, prepare, and execute work

View statuses quickly, take action on the go, and manage work orders and exceptions effectively.

Dispatch and complete work orders

Enter material used and labor hours charged, complete inspections, and complete work orders with ease.

Optimize repair

Use continuous analysis to optimize your maintenance strategies, including data-driven recommendations using the Oracle Internet of Things analytics platform.

Transfer transactions to costing

Transfer transaction details and status updates to costing for accurate costing of maintenance work orders.

Maintenance scheduling

Plan and schedule maintenance

Drive resource utilization by effectively planning work orders with skilled resources.

Optimize maintenance work

Assign and schedule maintenance-skilled technicians to ensure work is performed on time and correctly.

Schedule preventive maintenance

Optimize asset uptime by forecasting and autoscheduling your preventive maintenance work.

Work order costing

Cost material and labor

Monitor material and labor costs throughout the entire lifecycle of the work order.

Ensure timely cost accounting distributions

The work order cost accounting integration ensures cost accounting distributions are created in a timely fashion.

Review costs

Analyze costs by asset, work order, or type of work, and get the insight you need to control material and resource costs.

Drive decisions with insight

Analyze work order charges and asset costs to determine a replace versus repair maintenance strategy.

Spare parts inventory

Automate replenishment

Reduce your inventory carrying costs without compromising fill rates and customer satisfaction with automated replenishment.

Optimize costs

Drive demand based on work orders, optimize inventory stock levels, and reduce inventory costs.

Manage item/part master data

Quickly define the necessary master data for your organization hierarchy and process standards.

Track serialized inventory items

Manage lot and serial controlled inventory/asset items to support a comprehensive asset lifecycle, including rotables.

Spare parts procurement

Maximize efficiency

Optimize purchase agreements and quantities with your suppliers, enforcing policy and managing supplier risk.

Automate sourcing

Simplify your negotiation activities to automate and manage the bidding and sourcing process.

Enable self-service shopping

Increase efficiencies with a self-service procurement model that offers a consistent, user-friendly buying experience.

Drive decisions with insight

Get insight into your best suppliers, and choose suppliers based on quality, on-time delivery, and price.

Smart machine integration

Connect assets with IoT

A prebuilt integration with Oracle Internet of Things Asset Monitoring Cloud Service enables automated and continuous asset monitoring with rule-based alert warnings.

Track assets

Track and locate assets in real time, and use built-in, configurable KPIs for asset health, utilization, and availability.

Determine asset availability

Detect early signs of asset failure with built-in asset reliability algorithms, and proactively service assets to increase their availability.

Drive predictive maintenance

Get notifications, predictive insights on asset failures, and recommendations to prevent failures with machine learning algorithms.

Ensure quality

Monitor production machines in real time to detect quality issues and enable predictive maintenance.

Monitor service

Improve customer satisfaction by monitoring assets so you can perform remote diagnostics and effective maintenance.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Utilize digital twins

Transform assets into digital twins and monitor their health, location, and utilization with IoT Asset Monitoring.

Capture valuable data

Capture data needed for predicting asset lifespans, failure rates, and maintenance costs, including technician notes, chats, log files, meters, sensor readings, and counters.

Leverage machine learning

Transform data so it can be readily combined with IoT data streams and readily digested by machine learning algorithms.

Predict failures

Predict when assets or parts will fail and provide optimal maintenance scheduling.

Keep workers safe

Enhance worker safety by monitoring workers and the environment with a built-in, IoT connected worker integration.

Ensure quality

Ensure better quality output from well-serviced equipment.

Project-specific maintenance

Drive multiple projects

Segment your maintenance and inventory operations to serve multiple projects in an organization.

Support multiple contracts

Service multiple maintenance project contracts and invoice customers based on the project contract.

Manage work by project

Create project-specific work orders, and issue components and subassemblies from common and project-specific inventory to the work order.

Cost by project

Capitalize costs collected from your supply chain against capital projects and create fixed assets.

Oracle Cloud Maintenance customer success

Customers in asset-intensive industries across the globe leverage Oracle Cloud Maintenance to increase reliability and uptime while reducing overall costs.

Noble Plastics becomes predictive with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Maintenance benefits

Optimize maintenance scheduling with AI

Automatically generate recommendations to optimize maintenance scheduling and maximize machine uptime using AI.

Read the datasheet (PDF)

Reach new levels of efficiency with predictive maintenance

Predict asset failure and reliable lifespan and generate actionable insights in real time to improve overall equipment efficiency.

Watch the video (2:54)
Learn more about predictive maintenance (PDF)

Increase reliability and uptime while reducing maintenance costs

Leverage emerging technologies to optimize business processes and make data-driven intelligent decisions in real time.

Find out why emerging technology is key for the Wonderful Company (1:17)

Gain advanced business benefits with cloud maintenance software

Asset-intensive companies are moving to cloud solutions that offer unique and valuable new capabilities.

See how Precision Group improves efficiency with the cloud (1:59)

Outperform competitors with Intelligence

Competitive advantage comes from learning how to turn predictive analytics insight into prescriptive analytics action.

How to use predictive analytics for prescriptive maintenance


Cloud readiness

Learn what's new in the latest SCM release

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