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News and Opinion

Technology perspective on the post Suez Canal disruption in global logistics


Diego Pantoya-Navajas, vice president of WMS cloud development for Oracle, explains the urgency of upgrading infrastructure to accommodate the super ships and a continuing surge in global trade volumes.

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Oracle updates fusion supply chain and discloses 750 new customer rollouts in six months


Organizations are moving to Oracle Cloud and away from competitors in large part due to the use of Oracle's SaaS model to rapidly evolve its software suite with hundreds of new features delivered quarterly to thousands of customers in the cloud.

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Fueled by new technologies, the future of supply chains is here


Jai Suri, vice president of IoT and blockchain application development at Oracle, discusses the technologies that will be essential in building the future supply chain.

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Food safety a key factor in achieving a sustainable food supply


Rich Kroes, senior director of global sustainability at Oracle, discusses how, with world hunger slowly on the rise since 2015, concerns are mounting about feeding a growing population and what can be done to change course.

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New Upgrades to Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Focus on Global Supply Chain Optimization


Updates for Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM—Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)—and are geared towards helping shippers reduce costs, make better planning decisions, and improve customer experiences.

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The Supply Chain’s Responsibility in Sustainability


Oracle Group Vice President of SCM Product Strategy, Jon Chorley, discusses how new technologies have created more opportunities than ever before to visualize and manage complex manufacturing processes, including new opportunities to reduce environmental impacts.

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A Logistical Challenge Like No Other in History


Adrian Johnston, Senior Vice-President of Cloud Applications (SaaS), Japan and Asia-Pacific, discusses the importance of flexible and scalable supply chain SaaS applications for Singapore in its global role of the Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

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Demand and Supply Network Challenges: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution


Oracle is working with life science organizations, large global logistics providers, international governments and non-governmental healthcare agencies to leverage the learnings of the COVID-19 testing and supply chain disruptions to provide technology options.

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New Oracle Cloud SCM Capabilities Introduced to Address Current Challenges


Oracle announced the latest updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain and Manufacturing (Oracle Cloud SCM). Jon Chorley, group vice president of product strategy for Oracle’s SCM applications explained that the updates help supply chain managers increase collaboration across supply networks, proactively manage supply chain assets, and implement long-term supply chain planning.

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The Ongoing Convergence of Cloud and Supply Chain Software


Oracle Group Vice President of SCM Product Strategy Jon Chorley discusses how cloud-based SCM is particularly attractive to newer companies who want to leverage the capabilities of emerging technologies, such as machine learning, AI, and blockchain.

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How to Leverage Technology in Responding to COVID-19 Challenges


Jon Chorley, group vice president of product strategy of Oracle SCM, sits down with Bob Ferrari, executive editor of Supply Chain Matters, to discuss the major challenges and trends that industry supply chains amidst highly uncertain economic and business settings.

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Oracle Applications Receive Machine Learning and Digital Assistant


Oracle ERP, Oracle SCM, and Oracle EPM received upgrades with new machine learning and digital assistant functionality as part of the roadmap for these products. This newly added functionality can help companies adapt their workflows during uncertain times.

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Oracle Rolls Out Updates to Cloud SCM To Eliminate Supply Chain Challenges


Oracle announced updates to its supply chain planning and management solutions to help customers address the challenges presented by widespread supply disruptions.

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Supply Chain Software Top 10 Suppliers


Oracle is recognized in the Supply Chain Software Top 10 list, which highlights the leading global SCM vendors.

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How to Build a Trillion Dollar Supply Chain


Diego Pantoja-Navajas, vice president of WMS Cloud Development, Oracle, discusses how resilient supply chain networks give organizations the ability to pivot in the face of market pressures and evolve to meet changes in customer demands.

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Turn Today’s Supply Chain Challenges into a More Agile Strategy


Juergen Lindner, senior vice president of product marketing for Oracle SaaS, discusses how companies are making both tactical and strategic adjustments to their supply chains amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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How FedEx Baked Continuous Innovation into the Enterprise


Oracle Partner Deloitte discussed how it partnered with FedEx to bring cloud-based innovations to finance and supply chain by using Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud SCM.

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Uber Freight Teams up with Oracle as Enterprise Partnerships for Digital Brokers Grow


Oracle and Uber Freight have partnered to bring real-time quotes from the broker to Oracle Transportation Management Cloud.

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Top 10 Procurement Software Vendors: Oracle


Supply Chain Digital highlights key features of Oracle’s ERP procurement platform including sourcing, supplier management, contracting, and procure-to-pay solutions.

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How Far has the Digital Supply Chain Advanced?


Supply chain experts and analysts say how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go to achieve digital transformation in the supply chain.

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Creating Future-Ready Intelligent Supply Chains


Supply Chain Digital examines how Oracle is helping organizations make their supply chain management future ready.

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Six Top Supply Chain Strategies for 2020


Jeff Stiles, vice president of product marketing for Oracle SCM Cloud, offers six supply chain strategies to help enterprises thrive in today's complex environment.

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Green May be the New Fast: Addressing the Impact of Next-Day Shipping


Jon Chorley, group vice president of product strategy for Oracle SCM Cloud, highlights ways that organizations can respond to the new demand for faster deliveries by using cloud technologies, route optimization, fleet management, and carbon offset programs to reduce logistics-related emissions and build a more sustainable logistics operation.

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Five Supply Chain Challenges Solved by Good Design


Jon Chorley, group vice president of product strategy for Oracle SCM Cloud, is one of the industry executives who weighs in on how companies can solve today's supply chain challenges through a combination of good design and technology.

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