Educational volunteering

Coaching the next generation of entrepreneurs, teaching youth about online safety, preparing tomorrow’s workforce—Oracle Volunteers help students worldwide develop the skills they need to create a vibrant future. Check out what students are learning below.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as an Oracle Volunteer and to inspire students in Africa to dream big and pursue technology careers.”

Rufaro Mhuruyengwe Social Impact Community Leader, South Africa, Oracle

Helping kids learn during the pandemic and beyond

Every year, Oracle Volunteers devote their time and energy to advancing education by helping kids learn to read, code, empathize, and become the problem solvers and creators of tomorrow. As learning environments evolve, Oracle Volunteers are committed to stepping up and lighting up the young hearts and minds that will brighten the future.

Helping young people be future-ready

Now more than ever, young people need the creative confidence, sense of self-efficacy, and skills to build a vibrant future in which they can thrive. That’s why the Oracle Education Foundation engages Oracle Volunteers as coaches in multiday classes at the intersection of coding, physical computing, design thinking, and futures thinking. Volunteers donated more than 3,622 in fiscal year 2023.

Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

Oracle Volunteers help activate the entrepreneurial potential of youth from underrepresented communities. This includes mentoring girls as they build applications to address issues facing their communities, helping young people design digital games that educate and inform, and equipping students with business and financial skills. Organizations we engage with include Halogen Foundation, Junior Achievement, and Technovation.

Providing youth with online safety resources

With the ever-expanding role of technology in education, keeping students safe online is essential. More than 2,500 students from 10 schools in India took part in the Cyber Bright, Cyber Right project. Oracle Volunteers taught students how to maintain privacy on social media, prevent cyberbullying, and navigate the internet safely. We also engage with organizations including BGS National Public School, Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation, and Salwan Junior School, among others.

Preparing students for successful careers

Oracle Volunteers lead by example and share their career experience with the next generation. Through career panels, mock interviews, and resume review workshops, Oracle Volunteers guide and inspire young people to pursue careers in technology and beyond. Organizations we engage with include Braven, Code2College, Design Tech High School, and Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School.

Supporting students with disabilities

Equitable and inclusive learning experiences are essential to meeting the needs of students with disabilities. To promote inclusivity, Oracle Volunteers have facilitated sign language sessions for kids who are deaf or hard of hearing and recorded interactive audiobooks to benefit children with autism. Organizations we support include the Brooklyn Autism Center, Cheshire Disability Trust, Chosen Children Village Foundation, and UNICEF India.

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