Build Your Tomorrow, Today

Internet of Things (IoT). Artificial Intelligence (AI). Blockchain. Alone, these technologies have the potential to change the way you do business. When used together, they become truly transformational, helping you re-imagine what is possible.

Transformation Made Easy

Forward-looking organizations are using transformational technology to change the way they do business. Oracle makes it easy to put these technologies to work. We offer ready-to-use, modern SaaS applications that embed IoT, machine learning, AI and blockchain into your fundamental business processes.

What kinds of outcomes do Oracle’s transformative technologies deliver?

  • Supply chains that can sense demand, optimize the movement of goods, and record transactions—permanently and securely
  • Healthcare systems that can monitor patient vital signs, spot anomalies, and share secure, trusted health records with clinicians
  • Cybersecurity systems that can sense network activity, automatically analyze and remediate threats to your systems and data, and preserve forensic evidence

Oracle Cloud Platform helps you go further with technology than ever before. You can connect and enrich all existing applications with advanced capabilities or you can build entirely new applications, quickly and efficiently. You can choose among several complementary deployment options: public cloud, a cloud in your data center, or a compatible combination.

Three New Ways to Drive Your Business Forward

IoT Senses the World

IoT helps businesses sense the physical world through a network of billions of physical devices that collect and share data.

AI Analyzes, Decides, and Acts

AI and machine learning power Adaptive Intelligent Apps that help us make better decisions and create a connected, intelligent enterprise.

Blockchain Remembers

Blockchain records the results in a secure and unalterable manner, bringing new levels of trust and auditability to business transactions.

Transformational Technology Industry
Use Cases

From personal computing to the dawn of the internet and the evolution of mobile devices, new technologies have helped to transform the world we live in. Now, the emergence of three transformational technologies—IoT, AI, and blockchain—is changing work, government, society, and even our lives. Implement these transformational technologies in the enterprise and you can build leaner business processes, develop innovative products, automate tasks, and minimize costs. Explore the transformational technology use cases.


Solutions to Transform Your Business

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Extend your supply chain and automate business processes by transforming a world of things into a world of data.

AI Solutions

AI Solutions

Bolster human reasoning, recognize patterns in your data, and automate complex or mundane tasks.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

Establish unalterable transaction logs to exchange information and share results among business and trading partners. Easily join existing networks, or build your own. Seamlessly connect your systems of record.

Transformative Solutions

Transformative Solutions

Use these transformational technologies together and you will quickly see that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Did you know?

It’s estimated that by 2020, there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices in circulation1, generating more than of 14 zettabytes of data every year. 2