Oracle HCM Solution—Learning and Development

Talent Management

Easily source, recruit, develop, and retain your top talent with an engaging, social, and data-rich talent management software suite.

  • 學習


Transform traditional training into a modern learning solution that is agile, social, and personalized for your business. Integrated with Oracle’s HCM suite, Oracle's solution helps you maximize talent, and drive performance and engagement throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • Learn what is required and what others recommended for your training needs.

  • Easily view all tutorials that are offered to you as a new employee.

  • Know who has completed your team’s required learning.

  • Interested in a new career? Know what you need to learn.


Transform Talent into a High-Performing Workforce

  • Engage your employees with a learning experience that they will love: a modern, digital, collaborative, video-based learning platform that delivers learning to employees in a personalized feed on the device of their choice.
  • Empower your line of business to react quickly to time sensitive learning needs in their organization and ensure that the team is aligned and executing towards achieving common business goals.
  • Transform your learning department into enablers of organization learning and development and showcase the effectiveness of your learning programs through concrete metrics.
  • Assure organizational compliance through advance tracking and reporting capabilities.
Customer Success Stories
Sonepar Customizes Learning for Employees

Sonepar USA leverages Oracle HCM Cloud to provide training capabilities for its operating companies. (2:28)

Customer Success Stories
Managing and Retaining Your Key Talent

See how Oracle HCM Cloud enables employees to easily understand individual performance and drive development plans during performance reviews. (2:36)

Customer Success Stories
Cricket Uses Mobile Learning

Hear how Cricket Communications uses Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service to ensure its sales teams are up to speed on new products and services. (2:30)

Customer Success Stories
Dell HR Transforms

Learn how Dell is using Oracle Talent Management Cloud to enable social sourcing of candidates, new hire automation, and performance management best practices. (2:25)


  • 現代人才管理
    觀看 Larry Ellison 描述 Oracle HCM 如何提供以人才為中心,具有社群、協作、洞察力、移動性和吸引力的員工體驗。
  • 客戶 2 雲端計劃
  • Oracle HCM 部落格
    了解為什麼現代人才管理已成為組織的關鍵策略操作方式,並了解 Oracle 如何加強這一關鍵模式。
  • Oracle 上的大數據
  • 人才管理挑戰
    了解為什麼您聘雇和留用的人才定義了您的公司。 您是否能夠讓公司戰略與員工目標保持一致?
  • 中型企業購買 Oracle 以促進成長
    了解現代 HCM 套件如何幫助您應對成長挑戰。
  • Oracle Cloud
    探索適用您的業務、IT 基礎架構和發展需求的最全面的雲解決方案組合。