Integrated Network Monitoring and Observability Features

See the layout of your network

Use Network Visualizer to understand resource relationships, view routing and security details, and zoom in on specific network resources.

View resources from your on premises data center (if applicable) and your OCI network.

Measure network health and performance

Understand the health, capacity, and performance of your network by collecting and analyzing metrics. Select metrics from multiple network resources, including routers, FastConnect dedicated connections, internet gateways, NAT gateways, service gateways, site-to-site VPNs, and more.

Create a custom dashboard to plot metrics and view historical trends across multiple resources.

Measure global latency

View inter-region latency across all commercial OCI global regions in real time as well as historical trends over the last 30 days.

Investigate network connectivity and reachability

Perform an intuitive hop-by-hop analysis of routing and security policies from source to destination to determine connectivity and reachability. Confirm your configuration is correct before onboarding workloads and ensure that forward and return paths are correct.

The source and destination can both be in OCI or can be split between OCI and an on premises data center or OCI and the internet.

Identify network traffic patterns

Analyze traffic flows for insights, events, and security anomalies across all traffic entering and leaving a virtual network. Use OCI Logging Analytics, or export the logs in standard JSON for analysis by third-party tools.

Optionally filter traffic for only specific resources. Enable flow logs at the subnet level. Get information on both accepted and rejected traffic.

Troubleshoot network connections

Perform deep inspection of traffic at a chosen interface for troubleshooting or analysis. Apply filters to control the volume of inspected traffic. Direct the traffic to third-party tools for detailed analysis.

Using a virtual test access point (VTAP) is similar to mirroring a port in a physical switch. Use validated solutions from Oracle Cloud Marketplace for analysis, or use your favorite packet analysis tool.