Dow Chemical Company powers data-driven marketing insight using Oracle

Dow needed an advanced solution that would improve its ability to drive success in mature markets and enable growth in emerging ones. Dow turned to Oracle to reach its audiences in real time with highly relevant content, while maintaining a consistent brand voice.


Oracle Marketing Cloud delivers a flexible solution for bridging the three key components of our marketing process—managing and understanding our audiences, communicating and listening for growth and innovation, and measuring for continuous improvement. And, we do all of this from a single, cloud-based platform.

Hubertus “Huub” DevroyeDirector of Marketing & Demand Generation, The Dow Chemical Company

Business challenges

  • Elevate effectiveness of marketing initiatives across the company’s complex value chain that includes both business-to-business and business-to-consumer elements and spans sectors as diverse as agriculture, life sciences, energy, and household consumables  
  • Enable data-driven, yet highly personalized, marketing automation across diverse channels, including social media, traditional email, and text messaging
  • Ensure agility and flexibility in creating, testing, and executing precision-targeted and localized go-to-market strategies and campaigns that leverage multiple channels 
  • Improve ability to listen and respond to key audiences that are as diverse as consumers, farmers, and engineers 
  • Reduce IT complexity and operational costs, while ensuring a highly scalable and feature-rich marketing platform that can meet the needs of a global chemical manufacturing enterprise

Why The Dow Chemical Company chose Oracle

"As a data and science company, data is a part of our DNA. Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud enable us to use data-driven marketing insights to identify new growth opportunities and maintain strong existing customer relationships."
—Hubertus “Huub” Devroye, Director of Marketing & Demand Generation, The Dow Chemical Company


  • Gained the ability to support a highly personalized, data-driven marketing program that generates and manages more than thousands of inquiries a month across a diverse product base thanks to Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud
  • Increased response rates to product sample campaigns by 60 percent using Oracle Marketing Cloud to transform communication and follow-up activities around sample distribution programs
  • Extended visibility into the full value chain—business-to-business-to-consumer—to drive innovation and communicate effectively with target audiences—from converters using Dow-produced ingredients to consumers purchasing household products
  • Expanded marketing insight and intelligence, improved campaign results, and reduced IT complexity with a single, cloud-based platform for managing, communicating with, and listening to key audiences
  • Enabled end-to-end transparency across marketing and sales, making connections between Dow’s marketing and sales funnel and customer relationship management capabilities 
  • Empowered Dow to effectively deliver highly targeted messages via the optimal communications channel based on the audience, such as communicating with farmers, who are highly mobile, via text messages
  • Gained new levels of agility and cost-effectiveness in creating, testing, and modifying marketing campaigns and initiatives 
  • Leveraged Oracle Social Cloud for social listening, increasing data-driven insights and further strengthening the value chain
  • Optimized value of the company’s investment in Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud by extending its reach and the insights it delivers to the company’s communications, research and development, finance, and human resources functions
  • Gained immediate value, reduced IT complexity, and ensured continuous innovation and unlimited scale with a cloud-based solution
已發布:September 1, 2019