Tetris.co speeds real-time insights with MySQL HeatWave

The Brazilian martech company accelerates marketing insights in milliseconds and at half the cost with MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


MySQL HeatWave dramatically reduced our AWS Aurora and Redshift cost by more than 50%. We are no longer moving data around so now we have blazing fast, real-time insights with no effort. More importantly, scalability has made our expansion plan possible, allowing us to onboard more data and new clients without impact to costs. It's a dream come true.

Pablo LemosCofounder and CTO, Tetris.co

Business challenges

Consumer goods manufacturers, energy providers, banks, health insurers, and many other industries invest millions of dollars per month in advertising to attract new customers and increase sales. In 2015, Brazil-based Tetris.co developed a proprietary software model that unifies data from several media sources to help clients understand how their investments perform and apply AI to predict future performance. 

Tetris.co found that multichannel marketing campaigns perform better if access to the data and analysis can be expanded beyond executive review meetings to front-line marketing analysts who are managing the campaigns. With access to the plethora of media data happening instantly and growing exponentially, analysts need to understand trends faster to shift investments to higher-performing channels and out of underperforming platforms to increase return on investment.

Tetris.co was using AWS Aurora for data transaction processing, but analyzing the data required complicated and costly steps to extract and transfer the data to Redshift for fast analysis. 

“For me as an advertiser, not an engineer, this was mind-blowing that I had to move the data. I didn’t have an easy solution to having analytical power at the same time and place as I had the advantages of our transactional database,” said Pablo Lemos, Tetris.co cofounder and CTO.   

MySQL HeatWave fit like a glove. It was better, cheaper, faster than Aurora.

Pablo LemosCofounder and CTO, Tetris.co

Why Tetris.co Chose Oracle

After evaluating Google BigQuery and AWS Redshift, Tetris.co migrated from AWS Aurora to MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to dramatically accelerate analytical queries and reduce costs. HeatWave easily enables Tetris.co staff to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from a MySQL database, eliminating the need for data movement and integration with a separate analytics database.  


Using MySQL HeatWave not only accelerated complex queries from minutes to milliseconds, but it also saved more than half the cost of using Aurora and RedShift. The migration took less than a month, including all training and testing. 

Scalability from MySQL HeatWave has enabled Tetris.co to onboard more data and new clients of any size at no cost impact, boosting growth and expansion. Machine learning and automation from Oracle Cloud simplify new development for Tetris.co software applications to keep costs and complexity low. The company’s clients can now analyze massive amounts of data in real time, so they can quickly understand their investments and predict how changing to another channel will perform. 

“The pleasure of providing insights to our clients is when we not only see their investments improving but also how they’re changing their behavior and strategies for those investment decisions,” says Lemos. 

已發布:August 6, 2021