Wipro boosts agility and lowers costs with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The IT services firm uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to enhance its flagship airline products’ reliability, scalability, and security.  


If you have an application that relies on an Oracle database and if you are looking at the current set of advances—such as containers and databases—OCI is the place to be.

Subrat GaurGM, Consumer Domain and Consulting, Wipro

Business challenges

Wipro is a global IT, consulting, and business process services company specializing in the development and integration of technology services and solutions.

Wipro’s domain and consulting division offers products that support air cargo and airline customers, including its Cargo Reservations, Operations, Accounting, and Management Information System (CROAMIS), and TOPS, a software suite designed to manage an airline’s flight and crew operations. Both are used by leading air cargo and airline carriers, including Qatar Airways and LATAM Airlines.

To uphold its high standards for customer experience, the company shifted from tailored, on-premises implementations to a cloud-first strategy developed by the Wipro FullStride Cloud Services team. This new business model would reduce the company’s database costs plus lower the cost of its airline-focused offerings.

Accelerated processes and transformative customer experiences were key reasons Wipro selected OCI for this initiative.

Why Wipro Limited chose Oracle

Wipro determined that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was the ideal choice for its cloud strategy based on its continuous innovation framework, which would provide new load balancing capabilities, cloud native containers, autonomously managed databases, and analytics.

The company was already relying on Oracle Database for its data management system, and a cloud foundation on OCI would lower database costs, improve availability, and strengthen security.

Additionally, the benefits Wipro gained could be passed on to airline clients, allowing them to deliver better customer experiences based on the cloud-based versions of CROAMIS and TOPS.

With Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Wipro reduced development and release timeframes, optimized IT costs, increased software scalability and availability, gained flexibility in a multicloud environment, and enabled cloud portability.


The move to OCI with Oracle Enterprise Database Service paid off in multiple ways. Among the most important was that Wipro modernized its CROAMIS and TOPS product delivery with a customer-focused, cloud-based approach that reduced time to market and IT costs.

Following the OCI adoption, Wipro began to revamp TOPS to leverage Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and OCI API Gateway to develop new features faster. Using containers allowed Wipro to lower the cost of compute infrastructure by 25% and to stop hosting the applications on virtual machines (VMs). 

OCI with Oracle databases boosted the applications’ scalability, and with it, the ability to optimize costs. When a customer informed Wipro it was planning to increase its flights by 20%, Wipro scaled up both its compute and database resources quickly. This not only enabled the company to better control costs, but also offer competitively priced services to both large and smaller operators, thus expanding its market.

Additionally, the cloud infrastructure allowed Wipro to improve its agility. In its previous VM-based environment, setting up a completely new environment and ensuring its security could take up to three weeks. Since moving to containers, Wipro reduced that time to two hours while offering more reliable services and satisfying its availability SLAs.

Since CROAMIS and TOPS handle sensitive information such as the real-time position of aircrafts and passenger lists, security is paramount. With OCI, Wipro could meet the strict security and compliance requirements of its customers, internal security teams, and the industry. For example, when a large security issue impacted one of its airline clients, Wipro’s applications were among the few that remained resilient without being affected.

已發布:June 24, 2022

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