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What are the Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summits?

Explore what you need to know about cloud technologies with Oracle through the Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summits. You explore how to reduce your cost of operations, innovate with new technologies, and uncover impactful insights by leveraging data and analytics.

  • Hear from Oracle Cloud visionaries and industry experts
  • Customer success stories & real-world use cases

Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit: Banking on Data (52:43)

Join Mastercard, Deloitte, Certegy and State Bank of India (SBI) as they discuss how business and technology innovation can address today’s challenges and learn why Oracle is a trusted partner for financial services organizations across the globe.

The Ideal Enterprise Platform for VMware (59:19)

Discover how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution delivers an enterprise-grade, production-proven solution for customers looking to save money, increase agility, and boost system performance in the cloud while using the VMware technology they know and trust.

Power Business Innovation with a Self-Service Cloud Data Warehouse (48:01)

Explore how a self-service data warehouse, and automated insights can make your business users more self-reliant and see how other customers like yourself are powering business innovation.

Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Applications on OCI (1:01:38)

Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: the Next Generation Cloud, and hear from our ISV partners on their successes leveraging our cloud infrastructure.

Build Applications Faster with Low-Code (1:03:46)

Watch APEX creators Michael Hichwa and Joel Kallman as they show how the latest APEX release, now available as a fully managed cloud service, is faster, lower cost, and worry-free. 50,000 organizations have built more than 2 million apps with APEX.

The Modern Data Warehouse (1:17:55)

Data is a critical resource for every organization, and maximizing its value requires a modern approach to data management. Discover the latest technologies to keep your data safe while enabling the business to move faster.

Lowering Costs with Database Consolidation (1:12:40)

Let Oracle show you how to consolidate your Oracle Databases on the Exadata platform on-premises or in the cloud to reduce costs, simplify management, and improve performance, availability, and security, as you move to cloud.

Move & Improve Oracle Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (1:07:03)

Learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers expedite their move to the cloud for key Oracle applications like E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Hyperion.

Transform Your Business with Augmented Analytics

In today's disrupted business environment are you looking to leverage your data assets to differentiate your customer solutions, grow market share & improve profitability? Hear how your peers have used data analytics to drive digital transformation and enable actions beyond insights.

In conversation with State Bank of India (SBI) (19:19)

Hear from Sri V Ramesh, Chief General Manger, Executive Support System from State Bank of India as he discusses how they manage financial crimes, what data means to them and their partnership with Oracle.

Banking on Data (32:11)

Join Mastercard, Deloitte, and Certegy as they discuss how business and technology innovation can address today’s challenges and learn why Oracle is a trusted partner for financial services organizations across the globe.

A Real-world Example. Customer Spotlight with Altair (04:15)

Altair adopts the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to replatform their VMware-based environment into Oracle Cloud. They realized faster time-to-productivity while maintaining existing VMware-related skills, tools and processes.

Partner Success Spotlight: VMware to Cloud Migration (15:34)

Hear from our panel of partners as they share their experiences on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and benefits of better manageability, lowered risk, flexible architecture and improved ROI.

McDonald’s Hong Kong (7:41)

Learn how McDonald's Hong Kong can now make use of all the data they collect and use predictive analytics with AI, for sales and marketing promotions, ultimately serving their customers better.

United Breweries (6:20)

Discover how United Breweries, the biggest producer and seller of beer products in India, use Oracle Cloud to bring the power of analytics to the hands of business users, and give them self-service access to answer critical business questions.

Triple A Super (9:53)

Find out how Triple A Super use Oracle to speed up time to market, shorten development cycle and leverage predictive analytics and the power of AI and machine learning to improve their client engagement and connectivity.

Prophecy (6:13)

Hear from Prophecy on how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has provided them with increased capabilities to scale their business successfully while maintaining price competitiveness and staying cost effective.

Jocata (7:43)

Find out how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helped Jocata scale their business and improved performance by accelerating the number of transactions with shorter processing time and enhanced security.

Deloitte (7:55)

Hear from Deloitte on how they are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accelerate Deloitte's expertise in building industry-specific solutions, with enhanced performance and competitive pricing while moving ahead of market trends.

Impartus (7:36)

Learn from Impartus on how ISVs in the educational industry are transitioning with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to support the increased demand for online and distance learning by scaling their businesses to maintain cost and performance advantage.

Disrptiv Exchange (7:04)

Discover how Disrptiv Exchange provides simplified solutions for complex business problems while leveraging on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for unmatched price-performance, unified data management and the capability to scale with flexibility.

CWT (4:22)

Listen to what CWT Globelink has to say about Oracle APEX, and how APEX has helped them meet their customer's needs.

Telstra (5:03)

Listen to what Telstra has to say about Oracle APEX, and how APEX has helped them meet their business objectives.

JB Corporation (3:28)

Listen to what JB Corporation has to say about Oracle APEX, and how APEX has helped them meet their customer's needs.

SAGE Consulting (2:16)

Listen to what SAGE Consulting has to say about Oracle APEX, and how APEX has helped them meet their customer's needs.

AsiaPay (7:27)

Hear how the effective use of data helps set AsiaPay's business apart from other players in the same industry.

Vodafone Fiji (10:58)

Find out how Vodafone Fiji managed growing data volumes and now has real-time business intelligence.

CERN (21:14)

Learn how CERN uses machine learning to analyze IoT sensor data and predict potential maintenance issues.

Kingold (15:36)

Learn how Kingold cut TCO by 25% and a license fee reduction in 75% by consolidating mission critical systems and data to Oracle Cloud.

DXC Red Rock & Australian Agricultural Company (11:09)

Oracle Partner, DXC Red Rock, and Australian Agricultural Company share their risk-free approach to app migration with significant performance increases and reduce infrastructure costs.

Cargills Ceylon (15:30)

Cargills Ceylon, a diversified Sri Lankan conglomerate discusses how they overcame limitations by moving their application into the cloud and found greater value in taking advantage of autonomous services to power their business.

IAC (4:15)

IAC shares how Oracle Cloud supports their aggressive mergers and acquisitions strategy while significantly boosting performance of their Oracle workloads.

Arcor (8:05)

Arcor shares how Oracle Cloud enables them to scale and operate globally, while improving performance of their Oracle workloads.

Intermountain Healthcare (7:19)

Intermountain Healthcare shares their journey to transition workloads to Oracle Cloud and how Oracle Cloud enables them to quickly respond during a global health pandemic.

ICICI Bank (9:42)

Learn how ICICI Bank, a leading private sector bank in India is transforming operations across its HR & Finance operations with the Oracle analytics solution

HSBC (9:46)

Hear how HSBC is transforming finance by deploying augmented analytics to 100,000 Fusion ERP Cloud users at the same time they are significantly improving financial reporting time by transitioning their C-suite to modern cloud analytics

InvoCare (11:54)

CEO & MD of InvoCare, Martin Earp, shares how they use cross functional analytics and data to service customers better

Oracle Cloud in Financial Services (7:37)

Oracle Financial Services Industry Director, Sanjay Mathew discusses industry trends and Oracle Cloud solutions.

The Ideal Platform for VMware - Expert Observations and Perspectives (20:50)

Business and technology experts from Oracle and VMware offer viewpoints and perspectives to answer why Oracle Cloud is the ideal platform for VMware.

It’s Just VMware (15:40)

Organizations significantly invested into VMware have been asking for more control to run their workloads unchanged in the cloud. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports VMware ‘as-is’ – making migrating to the cloud easy. It’s just VMware!

VMware Technical Workshop (34:41)

In this technical workshop, Oracle & VMware experts will bring you through use cases, how to extend and move your VMware workloads with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and protect your on-premises VMware.

ISV & the Future of Applications: Chung Heng Han (11:15)

Chung Heng Han discusses why Independent Software Vendors (ISV) are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for unmatched price-performance, unified data management and comprehensive SLAs to deliver superior value to their customers.

Karran Batta

How ISVs Build Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Karan Batta (7:27)

Explore the capabilities an ISV needs to build their SaaS products on OCI to scale to millions of users globally.

Get Started on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (8:27)

Learn more about how to make that transition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Trends in Low-Code (16:44)

Senior Analyst John Bratincevic from research firm, Forrester Research, Inc., and Michael Hichwa, Senior Vice President, Oracle Database Developer Technologies discuss trends in the Low-Code industry-how it is shaping bespoke application development.

APEX Hands-on Lab (44:44)

Learn how to easily create an application in minutes using Oracle Application Express (APEX), a low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere.

Modern Data Warehouse: Andy Mendelsohn (20:13)

Andy Mendelsohn, Oracle EVP Database Server Technologies, will describe new cloud capabilities, such as autonomous and data science services, that are making it easier for organizations to manage and extract value from their data.

Lowering Costs with Database Consolidation: Kothanda Umamageswaran (18:41)

Kothanda Umamageswaran, Oracle Senior Vice President, Exadata Development discusses Oracle Exadata services available in Oracle Cloud. Cloud@Customer—with Autonomous Database, and on-premises. Learn from real-world customers examples how Oracle Database consolidation on Exadata can lower your costs and maximize value.

Transform Application on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Ashish Mohindroo (11:17)

Ashish Mohindroo, Vice President Paas Product Marketing at Oracle shows how customers across industries are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the engine that supports their digital transformation.

Getting Started on Modern Data Warehouse (7:13)

Scott Wiesner, Senior Manager, Product Management from Oracle talks about reference architectures, automated deployment patterns, self-paced workshops, and best practices to get you started building your Modern Data Warehouse.

Industry Analyst on Database Consolidation (23:07)

Watch Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation, give an industry perspective on database consolidation.

Why & How: Lowering Costs with Database (6:58)

Hear from Martin Lambert, APAC Business Development, Oracle on why consolidating databases on Oracle Exadata brings about an array of benefits, such as simplifying management, reduce costs and high availability.

Benefits of Managing Workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (25:55)

Gary Miller, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Oracle Advanced Customer Services talks to customers like IAC, Arcor and Intermountain Healthcare. They share how they are achieving higher performance and greater flexibility while reducing costs.

Oracle Analytics Strategy (19:07)

Oracle Exadata services are available in Oracle Cloud, in Cloud@Customer—with Autonomous Database, and on-premises. Learn from real-world customers examples how Oracle Database consolidation on Exadata can lower your costs and maximize value.

Data, Insights, Action: Industry Best Practices from a Thought Leader (9:38)

T.K. Anand and Tom Davenport discuss key Analytics topics including how insights must inform action, whether to buy or build AI solutions, and cross-domain context what it means and why you should care.

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