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Maximize your first-party data with Oracle OnRamp

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Welcome to Oracle OnRamp

Gain more value out of your customer data by garnering insights for creative segmentation, simplifying audience creation for easy campaign execution, and delivering cross-channel messaging for higher customer satisfaction.

Oracle OnRamp is an automated onboarding solution that securely uploads first-party data to expand reach, create audiences, and gain insights on your consumers in real time.

Consumer identities extend beyond your customer file

Unify multiple identities for better targeting accuracy

With the help of our identity graph, Oracle links individuals within your customer file to a wide depth of data, unifying digital identities across the web and discarding false linkages.

The result is a precise digital audience with extended reach, strategy-inspiring insights, and simplistic cross-platform audience delivery.

Oracle’s solutions to improve your first party strategy

Make the most of every impression

Oracle OnRamp, Data Enrichment and Oracle Activation can help you:

  • Improve customer match rates and simplify delivery
  • Discover insights to guide campaign decision-making
  • Segment and personalize messaging with data at the individual level
  • Find new customers with third-party audience and contextual segments
  • Create custom model audiences to reach prospects across channels

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Start with OnRamp’s easy-to-use interface

Take the guesswork out of uploading, managing, analyzing, and sharing your first-party audience.

Save time and keep your data safe with an easy-to-use interface that delivers digital audiences to your chosen platforms with the click of a button. Gain extended platform audience delivery, create look-alike audiences, or set up API automation with your dedicated OnRamp team.

Drag your CVS files into OnRamp

Explore limitless customization options

When organizing your customer file, create custom file headers that highlight internal attributes. This allows you to create a variety of audience targeting segmentation options with ease, based upon information you already have on your consumer.

Next, onboard customer files with drag-and-drop functionality or use our API for automated file refreshes.

Upload your file and select match keys

Easy, automated uploads

Once uploaded, connect your customers’ personal identifiable information (PII) to the identity graph, which validates the file and pushes matched customers to the OnRamp platform for insights or audience creation.

Matches are counted upon file upload, allowing you to create a cross-channel strategy without additional charges per destination.

Customer summary insight page

Develop a deeper understanding of your customer

Customer insights are essential to any data-driven campaign, but gaining actionable insights can be a challenge.

Using Oracle's offline and online data assets, OnRamp gives you access to a comprehensive view of your consumers—from demographics to purchase habits—to inspire campaign strategy, creative, and messaging.

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Oracle OnRamp CPG category chart

Analyze CPG purchases habits

Oracle’s CPG loyalty card transaction data enables you to understand the historical habits of your customers through purchase patterns. Curated from physical retailers and ecommerce stores across all 50 states, this loyalty card data spans across all classes of trade, such as grocery, convenience, drug, and club stores, allowing you to gain a holistic picture of your customer no matter where they shop.

Oracle OnRamp retail category chart

Identify their retail shopping habits

To further build out your customer persona, Oracle offers a collective of more than 500 non-CPG retailers across catalog, retail, and direct-to-consumer brands that share transaction level data with us on a weekly basis. This co-op covers every vertical, including clothing, home décor, cooking, furniture, athleisure, sporting goods, and more.

Lifestyle insights based on audience composition and index

Learn more from their lifestyle and interests

In addition to purchase data, Oracle OnRamp gathers online behavioral signals from websites worldwide to gain a holistic picture of habits, interests, and preferences through both website observations, such as search traffic or watching a video, and declared actions, such as click, like, follow, and share.

Generation of Householder index and composition

Gather demographic data and export insights

Explore demographic insights, highlighting everything from age, household income, urbanicity and more, to help segment both customers and prospects.

Once you’ve compiled your desired insight traits, download to CSV spreadsheets for turnkey analytics or Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations that inspire and support your campaign strategy.

OnRamp’s consumer platform for audience creation

Reach your campaign goals

For example, you can convert fickle shoppers into loyalists by segmenting shopper frequency. Next, gather insights in the OnRamp platform to understand your irregular shopper’s nuances—like whether they are lured by deals, delivery, or green products.

Once you’ve discovered differentiators, your team can create ad campaigns that resonate with each shopper.

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Audiences sent to relevant platforms

Deliver audiences to platforms of your choosing

With your campaign solidified, deliver your newly created infrequent shopper audience downstream in real time with the click of a button or with the help of a dedicated account manager.

Oracle has more than 200 platform partnerships within the addressable TV, retail media, CTV, DSPs, social, and streaming audio space, helping you build a cross-channel audience strategy within one platform. OnRamp webpage

Maximize your first-party data with Oracle OnRamp

See how Oracle OnRamp can help you:

  • Onboard first-party data with accuracy and scale
  • Deeply understand your customers to help with campaign decision-making
  • Deliver first- party audiences to platforms across social, ecommerce, DSPs, ad servers, streaming audio, CTV, OTT, and more
  • Gain strategy tips, build modeled audiences, and more with OnRamp’s dedicated team

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