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The Changing Face of Finance | Oracle Finance

Changing Face of Finance

The Changing Face of Finance:
The Top 10 Learnings from 2015

The best industry insights from the movers, shakers and key influencers to help you revolutionise the role of finance in your business – in 2016 and beyond.

Businesses built on digital foundations are more efficient

“Digital companies are seven times more productive than traditional ones”

Matthew Guest, Head of Digital Strategy, Deloitte

Millennials seek employers who share their digital ambition

“Finance departments engage and nurture the right kind of talent by demonstrating commitment to growth and change rooted in digital transformation”

Winning the War for Finance Talent: Game Plan for the Digital Age

The role of finance has grown

“We used to spend our time looking backwards, reporting on what happened. Now it’s about to looking into the future. It’s about planning and integration. Finance is now a partner in the business”

Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle

The CFO is now a boardroom strategist

“Modern organisations expect their finance departments not just to record, tally and report, but to provide strategic insights that will improve efficiency, reduce costs and enable the business to take advantage of opportunities to increase revenues”

Connect, Control, Innovate with Oracle Cloud for Finance

Legacy systems are holding many businesses back

“Companies are suffering quite a hangover when it comes to updating their enterprise resource planning software. The headache of re-implementing those customisations is so painful that many opt to just stick with their old software”

Margaret Harrist, Director of Content Strategy and Implementation, Oracle

The majority of CFOs still haven’t consolidated their tech

“58% of CFOs still have more than five disparate systems for transactional finance processes”

How is Modern Technology Helping CFOs Drive Strategic Value?

A mobilised workforce enhances productivity and drives growth

“90% of CFOs say that the use of mobile devices will be the most important technology for success in the next three years”

Mark Hulyer, Partner and UK Oracle Practice Partner, Deloitte

Seize the opportunity to make your business more valuable

“Investors are paying more for companies with business models that embrace and emphasise ‘intangible assets’ – customer, human and intellectual property – and leverage the wisdom of crowds to co-create products and services”

Modern Finance in the Digital age: Return on Investment best practices

To survive, you’ve got to challenge the status quo

“Since 2000, 52% of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist…CFOs need to respond with agility and innovation in order to sustain the value of the enterprise in the long term”

Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman, Constellation Research Inc.

In the future there will be more focus on customisation

“Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of application purchases supporting digital business will be “build” not “buy””

Gartner Says Modernization and Digital Transformation Projects Are Behind Growth In Enterprise Application Software Market