Oracle Advanced Access Controls

Prevent Insider Fraud & Security Breaches

Perform fine-grained analysis to define ERP roles without SoD conflicts, and automate monitoring of access controls.

Prevent Insider Fraud & Security Breaches


Efficiently Design ERP Security


Efficiently Design ERP Security

Accelerate deployment of application security using a prebuilt library of access and Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls based on industry best practices.

  • Quickly deploy access monitoring with library of controls that target common issues
  • Easily define custom or new access controls by editing pre-built controls or using predefined entitlements with intuitive workbench
  • Tune controls to minimize false positives by testing rules before deploying live controls
Continuously Monitor User Access


Continuously Monitor User Access

Automate access and SoD controls to prevent fraud and access violations.

  • Monitor over 6000+ access points across Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud for inappropriate access by scheduling automated controls, or running on demand
  • Efficiently enforce policies by focusing attention on high risk access incidents
  • Improve automated controls with self-learning algorithm and audit trail of remediation actions
  • Streamline maintenance of access policies by using centralized and secure repository of controls
Link Advanced Controls to Risks & Compliance


Link Advanced Controls to Risks & Compliance

Fully integrate your access-to-certify process by automating control tests and reporting of issues.

  • Prioritize your highest-risk access controls in Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud Service and automate them using Advanced Access Controls Cloud
  • Streamline audit and compliance, and reduce manual work by automatically documenting automated control results in Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud
  • Record management comments in Financial Reporting Compliance and deploy mitigating controls using Advanced Financial Controls
  • Gain real-time insight into individual access incidents from within Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud by drilling back into Advanced Access Controls Cloud

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