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Public Sector HCM Cloud

Public Sector HCM Cloud

From the Pub to the Cloud

Andy Campbell, HCM Strategy Director at Oracle UK.
Follow me at @Axcampbe

Making the case for cloud in public sector HR

The first job I had when I left University was painting a pub. Don’t ask!

The second job I had was working in local Government in the beautiful city of Exeter, Devon. It was not the most exciting of roles, but it had its moments and I met a great bunch of people. They were conscientious, hard working and I had a real sense that their hearts were in the right place. More importantly, they were doing the right thing for their community.

So even though most of my work today involves working with commercial organisations, I still retain something of a soft spot for the public sector.

Sadly these organisations often get bad press. They are widely perceived as resistant to change, unwilling to adapt to new ways of working and reluctant to embrace technology. To some extent this stereotype is true; public sector bodies do tend to be inherently more conservative and risk averse. However, it’s worth examining the other side of the coin. If they were playing it fast and loose and speculating on risky ventures using taxpayers’ money, who would be the first to complain?

 Being stuck between a rock and a hard place can make it difficult to survive...  

Being stuck between a rock and a hard place can make it difficult to survive, especially when you are in full view of the general public and subject to continual scrutiny (and occasional opprobrium).

In reality, whilst public sector organisations might be slow to initially adopt new technologies they do so decisively and effectively once they do decide to take the plunge. Take the UK Government, for example, which has been very proactive and positive about embracing its whole digital agenda to an extent that would shame many commercial enterprises.

Some telling stats:

  • An industry survey in 2014 found that 68% of public sector bodies in the UK used at least one cloud based service
  • The UK Governments ‘Digital by Default’ strategy is estimated to save the public purse £1.7 - £1.8 billion a year, no small beer if you will excuse the pub related pun!

 Adoption is developing a full head of steam, and not just in the UK  

The public sector is really starting to embrace the cloud because of the many operational benefits and cost advantages that it can offer. Adoption is developing a full head of steam, and not just in the UK. Across the continent public organisations are adopting cloud computing to operate more efficiently and deliver a better service to the people they serve.

That said, whilst there is a real willingness to move ahead, many organisations are unsure about the first steps to take. When undertaking a significant business transformation, such as deploying a new HR system, you need to be confident that you are taking the right steps for the right reasons. That is why we have put together a technical brief describing the various approaches businesses can take when considering a move to the cloud.
You can download the document here. Whether your organisation is in the public sector or not, I hope that this serves as a useful guide for your cloud journey.

P.S. The pub in the picture above is not the one that I painted. It’s the Wyndham Arms, my favourite pub in Salisbury where I live. Do pop in if you’re ever in town. The beer is great, you won’t be disappointed!

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