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HCM Social Recruiting

HCM Social Recruiting

It’s Time to get Serious
about Social in HCM€‹

Joachim Skura, HCM Sales Development.
Follow me @JoachimSkura

So long as social recruiting remains just a buzz word, employers are missing out

Social recruiting has been one of the hottest topics in human capital management for a couple of years now. The danger is however that while everyone is keen to talk about social recruiting; precious few businesses are implementing it in a meaningful way. The result: a missed opportunity to recruit the brightest and the best from Europe’s pool of talent and built up the most effective internal recruiting force in an organisation.

The problem is that there is a misperception about what social recruiting actually is. Many organisations believe that they already have social recruiting processes in place. They will post job applications. They will engage on Twitter. That surely is what social recruitment is all about, right? In fact, social recruiting is a transformational process that completely turns traditional recruitment practices on their head.

There are, I believe, four main characteristics of a true social recruitment platform:

  • Volume – Simply posting the odd job placement or sending a Tweet from time to time is not social recruiting. True social recruiting involves posting many posts, often, and on multiple channels, building up awareness over time.
  • Word of mouth – Social recruitment is just that: social. To work, employers must build up a robust social network that joins together the networks of employees past and present. This is the foundation of social recruiting and is the difference between success and failure.
  • Transparent rewards – Employees will only agree to leverage their own social networks for social recruitment if they get a clear, transparent and dependable upside. It may sound mercenary, but you must ensure employees are rewarded consistently for any referrals they generate.
  • Automisation – A key component of a social recruitment platform worth the name is that simple tasks are automated, so that HR teams can use their time for more complex, value-adding tasks.

Simply broadcasting job placements over social platforms is, therefore, not enough. Social recruitment is a conversation between recruits and the people who know your business best and are best place to sell it: your workforce. And the overriding aim of social recruitment is to treat potential employees as human beings, embracing all the complexity and sophistication this involves.

To bring this message home we are hosting a unique event in Munich on the 25th June. At this event, together with our partner Promerit, we will give our attendees the possibility to prove their social recruitment activities to an audience of those most likely to engage with it: students. This ‘social slam’ seeks to answer questions most HR professionals have asked themselves: are our efforts in social actually working; and do the ‘millennials’ we hope to reach through social actually listen to us? Watch this space for a follow up blog next month where I shall report on the findings of what promises to be a very interesting experiment.

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