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Top KPIs for Measuring Innovation-Driven Growth

In this report, you’ll find out what HR ranked as the three most important KPIs for measuring innovation-driven growth within their organisations.

The Innovation Agenda


Innovation’s True Role in Driving Business Growth

Considering different types of innovation, learn which ones have the most prominent role in driving organisational growth.

The Best KPIs to Measure Innovation

Discover why, within HR teams, customer experience and satisfaction as well as employee productivity are the top KPIs for measuring innovation-driven growth.


Barriers Preventing Organisations from Innovating

Across HR teams there are a number of key barriers that stop teams from successfully innovating as an organisation.


Which Areas Are HR Leaders Targeting to Drive Innovation?

Find out in which areas HR teams hope to increase innovation over the next three years.

The HR Innovation Agenda

The Rise in Technology Automation

The Rise in Technology Automation

When you automate time-consuming HR tasks using technology, teams have more time to innovate within their organisation.

Does Innovation Play a Role in Driving Growth?

Does Innovation Play a Role in Driving Growth?

Find out what role different types of innovation play in driving growth within organisations, especially HR.

Agility Within HR

Agility Within HR: Better Decisions

When you need to react to situations quickly, adopting an agile decision-making process will allow you to take back control.