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Oracle SCM Solutions – Collaborative Development

Product Lifecycle Management

Drive business growth with modern PLM. Transform your product value chain to rapidly innovate, develop and commercialise.

Collaborative Development

Create a secure and collaborative development environment that connects your entire global ecosystem. Establish a single source of the truth for product information and processes. With Oracle’s easy-to-use product lifecycle management solutions, you can accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Enterprise Product Record

Enterprise Product Record

Consolidate all product information into a single source of truth that’s always complete and up to date.

  • Provide organisational clarity on product data and processes to increase productivity
  • Secure access to product data with configurable roles and privileges
  • Modernise product development by replacing paper-based systems and legacy applications
Infographic: Reimagine Product Development (PDF)
Change Management

Change Management

Easily and systematically create and approve product changes with greater productivity and efficiency.

  • Ensure product and supply chain readiness
  • Automate, streamline and record changes with intelligent workflow
  • Speed processes with a quick view of pending and released changes and items affected
Video: Modern Value Chains: Agents of Change (4:41)
Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration

Unlock the value of your ecosystem’s collective intelligence with rich social collaboration capabilities.

  • Discover, follow and connect to enable knowledge sharing across the enterprise
  • Collaborate securely with external parties, such as partners, suppliers and customers
  • Advance innovative thinking with real-time discussions
E-book: Bringing Social to the Enterprise (PDF)
Visualisation and CAD Integration

Visualisation and CAD Integration

Enable visual decision-making and CAD integration across the product lifecycle – without jeopardising your IP.

  • Launch productivity and cost saving initiatives, such as design reuse
  • Set security measures to enable collaboration, while protecting IP
  • Centrally manage design information within the context of the product record
Video: GLOBALFOUNDRIES Accelerates Innovation While Protecting IP (2:36)
Modern Bill of Material

Modern Bill of Material

Reduce complexity with a singular, collaborative, revision-controlled Bill of Material.

  • Deeply enhance organisational collaboration
  • Integrate innovation, development and commercialisation data
  • Reduce costs by eliminating rework, scrap and excess inventory
White Paper: Bill of Material Best Practices for the 21st Century Economy (PDF)

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