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Oracle SCM Solutions – Innovation Management

Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management

Drive business growth with modern PLM. Transform your product value chain to rapidly innovate, develop and commercialise.

Innovation Management

Build an achievable product portfolio and accelerate market performance with a structured, collaborative, innovation process. Select and convert the ideas that offer the best profit potential and align with business strategies.



Tap the creative expertise of your extended enterprise. Capture, enhance, analyse and prioritise the best ideas.

  • Capture ideas from multiple sources and analyse themes
  • Use team social collaboration to refine each idea’s alignment, feasibility and achievability
  • Vote to determine which ideas to advance in the innovation process
  • Develop the best ideas to a business case review
Video: Innovators, There is a Better Way (2:05)
Requirements Management

Requirements Management

Define, maintain and optimise requirements—from definition to development processes—and maintain full traceability.

  • Define and link requirement definition from marketing to design to test
  • Capture dependencies across requirements
  • Rightsize requirements by analysing against objectives, budgets and constraints
  • Manage scope change
Analyst report: Innovation Management: Improving Returns on Innovation Investments (PDF)
Concept Design

Concept Design

Develop concepts into offerings that deliver expected value and meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

  • Re-use or transform existing components to model concepts
  • Create concept alternatives and analyse to target cost and supply risk
  • Maintain full traceability from ideas, requirements, items, through to execution projects
  • Deliver best-fit designs and related portfolios
Appcast: Convert Ideas to Winning Products (MP3)
Align Requirements to Concepts

Align Requirements to Concepts

Trace the translation of requirements as they transition into concepts to ensure accuracy.

  • Analyse trade-off between product features and costs
  • Link requirements to any level of the concept and confirm achievability
  • Visually detect problem areas where requirements, cost, risk are at risk
  • Collaborate across teams and external parties via secure social network
iPaper: Innovation Management for the Modern Age (PDF)
Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Build a predictive product portfolio fuelled with achievable concepts that align to your innovation strategy.

  • Evaluate new proposals within the context of portfolio objectives and constraints
  • Balance new offering selection against top-line strategy and bottom-line constraints
  • Use consistent process and analytics to equalise evaluation criteria
  • Integrate with project management to monitor investment progression through funnel
Brief: Improve the IT Portfolio of Innovation Projects (PDF)

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