AI Solution

Help Research Cardiovascular Disorders with OCI Anomaly Detection


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Anomaly Detection, an advanced AI service, offers real-time and batch anomaly detection for univariate and multivariate time series data. Powered by proprietary algorithms, OCI Anomaly Detection can help detect anomalies earlier with fewer false alarms compared to traditional methods.

Our solution describes how to use electrocardiogram (ECG) reports for enabling pattern-based research of cardiovascular risks in chosen demographics. By analyzing ECG reports, researchers can identify variations that occur, then do pattern-based research at scale to study risks in chosen demographics for further analysis. Intelligent data preprocessing techniques help improve the accuracy of results by addressing real-world data imperfections.


Demo: Help Research Cardiovascular Disorders with OCI Anomaly Detection (1:47)

Prerequisites and setup

  1. Oracle Cloud account—sign-up page
  2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—documentation
  3. OCI Anomaly Detection—documentation
  4. OCI Object Storage—documentation

Getting started

This solution provides a basic example of using OCI Vision and other AI services. This example is for illustration and isn’t intended to replace any medical imagery analysis tool or official diagnosis recommendation made by a medical professional.