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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

The next-generation cloud designed to run any application, faster and more securely, for less.

Uber migrates their most critical workloads to OCI to modernize and accelerate their path to profitability.

Oracle is named a Leader for iPaaS

The 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide recognized Oracle as a Leader for the sixth consecutive time.

OCI Compute GPU instances for AI/ML and graphics

Learn why AI startups and large organizations such as Adept, Altair, MosaicML, and the University of Michigan are choosing OCI.

OCI Compute GPU instances for AI/ML and graphics
Simplify operations of Kubernetes at scale

New Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes capabilities increase the reliability, efficiency, and simplicity of large-scale Kubernetes environments at reduced costs.

Simplify operations of Kubernetes at scale

IDC showcases the benefits of OCI

IDC studied the value that organizations using OCI received and concluded that they realized discounted benefits worth US$5 million per organization per year.

OCI: A complete cloud infrastructure platform for every workload

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has all the services you need to migrate, build, and run all your IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud native applications and data platforms.

Developer Services

Developer Services

Build, deploy, and manage modern cloud applications using developer-friendly tools and services.


Integration Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services connect any application and data source to automate end-to-end processes and centralize management. The broad array of integrations, with prebuilt adapters and low-code customization, simplify migration to the cloud while streamlining hybrid and multicloud operations.

Process automation

API full lifecycle management



Analytics and BI

Analytics and BI

Gain comprehensive business intelligence with augmented analytics to help your organization grow through unique insights.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI

Easily add intelligence to your applications and workloads with prebuilt perception and decision models and out-of-the-box chatbots, or build and train your own models with our data science services.

Data Lake

Data Lake

Gain new insights across all of your data with our comprehensive platform of managed Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, and Kafka-compatible services, combined with best-in-class data warehouse and data management services.



Secure and elastic compute capacity in the cloud that ranges from flexible virtual machines (Flex VMs) and high-performance bare metal servers to HPC and GPUs.



Address key use cases with on-demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage.

Containers and Functions

Containers and Functions

Deploy microservices applications on high-performance, managed, open source Docker, Kubernetes, and Fn Functions services.



Connect securely to a customizable, isolated virtual cloud network (VCN) as the heart of your cloud deployment. Move data at 25% of the cost of other cloud providers.

Open Source Databases

Open Source Databases

MySQL HeatWave is a fully managed database service, powered by the integrated HeatWave in-memory query accelerator. It’s the only cloud database service that combines transactions, analytics, and machine learning services in one MySQL Database, delivering real-time, secure analytics without the complexity, latency, and cost of ETL duplication.

Security, Observability and Management, Compliance, and Cost Management and Governance

Security, Observability and Management, Compliance, and Cost Management and Governance

Protect your most valuable data in the cloud with Oracle’s security-first approach and comprehensive compliance programs. Oracle provides visibility and machine-learning–driven insights to ease management across all layers of the stack deployed on any technology, anywhere.

Global Cloud Data Center Infrastructure
41 Commercial and Government Regions | Cloud@Customer | Dedicated Regions | Edge Devices

Global Cloud Data Center Infrastructure

Global, secure, high-performance environments to move, build, and run all your workloads. Hybrid and edge offerings provide specialized deployment, disconnected and intermittently connected operation, low latency and high performance, as well as data locality and security.

What is the true return on AI investment?

Discover how to design an AI investment strategy to maximize the value of your AI initiatives–now and in the future.

Why customers are choosing OCI

Cloud services where you need them

Your need for sovereignty, compliance, and location-specific performance should not limit your access to the latest cloud innovations. OCI gives you access to a full portfolio of cloud services wherever you need them. With a wide range of cloud options, including on-premises, dedicated Cloud@Customer, hybrid, multicloud solutions such as Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, or public cloud, OCI’s distributed cloud portfolio—available across regions worldwide—solves your toughest business challenges.

Optimize enterprise applications without costly rearchitecture

When modernizing your enterprise apps, abandoning core technology isn’t feasible or necessary for success. OCI is built to address the unique requirements of performance-sensitive on-premises applications and other traditional enterprise apps—scale-up architectures, ultralow-latency networks, built-in security, and clustering of resources for availability in the cloud without risky and costly application refactoring. Additionally, OCI's specialized migration tools and programs facilitate easy transitioning.

Build and run cloud native or third-party apps with open source tools

Modern enterprises deserve the flexibility and freedom to choose from the various frameworks, clouds, and services available. Be it Postgres, SQL Server, Windows Server, VMware, or Kubernetes, OCI services are designed to easily run third-party, open source applications or to build cloud native applications. Our broad open source partner ecosystem enables you to bring apps to market faster, easily innovate, and scale.

Harness your data to uncover new business value

Data drives your business. Whether you’re building next-gen social applications or online games or seeking better outcomes from decades of healthcare data, making data work is getting harder. OCI services such as Oracle MySQL Heatwave and Oracle Autonomous Database service support all your data models, remove data silos, converge data for efficiency, and analyze data—helping you unlock business potential without sacrificing security and governance controls.

Oracle Cloud Insider

Get the latest industry trends, best practices, and product updates, and be in the know about new training programs and upcoming events.

Discover our cloud solutions

Deliver on the promise of a converged cloud

Migrate IT workloads, efficiently operate your networks, and develop new applications for enterprise customers—all on a performant and cost-effective cloud platform.

Deliver on the promise of a converged cloud

Process huge amounts of complex financial and alternative data to reduce risk

Simplify risk management and compliance by streamlining the acquisition, processing, and analysis of data to provide insights that strengthen your competitive advantage.

Financial services

Bring data together to deliver quality care

Build a single platform that brings disparate data sources together for analysis, reporting, and data science to improve the patient experience.


Start with a single view of inventory and supply chain

The expansion of omnichannel has made inventory management, order management, and fulfillment more complex. A lakehouse architecture gives you a unified and real-time view of your inventory so you can understand exactly how much you have and where items are across your enterprise.


Bring your products to market faster with a resilient supply chain

Extend visibility upstream into the entire supply chain to gain the agility to source from a multitude of suppliers by blending ERP data from the order management system down through the inventory, warehouse management, and transportation systems.


Learn how customers use OCI to modernize their businesses

Explore all OCI customer stories
Vodafone uses Oracle Cloud to help fast-track their telecom reinvention.
Toyota moves high-performance workloads to Oracle Cloud.
Mazda migrated a global inventory management system, cutting costs 50% and boosting performance 70%.
Zoom went from deployment to live production in 9 hours to support rapid growth from 10 to 300 million meeting participants.
FedEx has significantly cut manual effort and increased the speed of code deployments, and now has a 2X faster speed to market, thanks to Oracle Cloud applications and infrastructure.
Financial Services
Deutsche Bank, which runs 40 petabytes of Oracle Databases for key trading and risk applications, will move to Oracle Cloud@Customer.
One of the largest telcos in Brazil partnered with both Oracle and Microsoft to migrate all on-premises workloads.
Global Cloud Data Center Infrastructure map
Israel 2
Chile 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Saudi Arabia 3
Commercial Mexico (Queretaro)
Commercial France Central (Paris)
Commercial Spain Central (Madrid)
Commercial South Africa Central (Johannesburg)
Commercial Italy Northwest (Milan)
Commercial Sweden Central (Stockholm)
Commercial Singapore (Singapore)
Commercial France South (Marseille)
Commercial Israel Central (Jerusalem)
Commercial US West (San Jose) OCI–Azure Interconnect
Commercial US West (Phoenix)
Commercial US Midwest (Chicago)
Government US Gov West (Phoenix) DISA Impact Level 5 Authorization
Government US DoD West (Phoenix) FedRAMP High Joint Authorization Board
Commercial Canada Southeast (Toronto) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Government US DoD North (Chicago) DISA Impact Level 5 Authorization
Sovereign planned Germany
Sovereign planned Spain
Commercial Planned Serbia
Commercial Planned Mexico
Commercial US East (Ashburn) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Government US Gov East (Ashburn) FedRAMP High Joint Authorization Board
Government US DoD East (Ashburn) DISA Impact Level 5 Authorization
Commercial Canada Southeast (Montreal)
Commercial Chile (Santiago)
Commercial Brazil Southeast (Vinhedo) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Brazil East (Sao Paulo)
Commercial UK West (Newport)
Government UK Gov West (Newport)
Commercial UK South (London) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Government UK Gov South (London)
Commercial Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Germany Central (Frankfurt) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Switzerland North (Zurich)
Commercial Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah)
Commercial UAE East (Dubai)
Commercial UAE Central (Abu Dhabi)
Commercial India West (Mumbai)
Commercial India South (Hyderabad)
Commercial South Korea Central (Seoul)
Commercial South Korea North (Chuncheon)
Commercial Japan East (Tokyo) OCI-Azure Interconnect
Commercial Japan Central (Osaka)
Commercial Australia East (Sydney)
Commercial Australia Southeast (Melbourne)

  • Australia
  • Two regions (Sydney, Melbourne)
  • Brazil
  • Two regions (Sao Paulo, Vinhedo)
  • Canada
  • Two regions (Toronto, Montreal)
  • Chile
  • One region (Santiago)
  • European Union
  • Six regions (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Paris, Stockholm)
  • India
  • Two regions (Mumbai, Hyderabad)
  • Israel
  • One region (Jerusalem)
  • Italy
  • One region (Milan)
  • Japan
  • Two regions (Tokyo, Osaka)
  • Mexico
  • One region (Queretaro)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • One region (Jeddah)
  • Singapore
  • One region (Singapore)
  • South Africa
  • One region (Johannesburg)
  • South Korea
  • Two regions (Seoul, Chuncheon)
  • Spain
  • One region (Madrid)
  • Switzerland
  • One region (Zurich)
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Two regions (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
  • United Kingdom
  • Two regions (London, Newport)
  • United States
  • Four regions (Ashburn, Phoenix, San Jose, Chicago)
Commercial planned

  • Chile 2
  • Colombia
  • Israel 2
  • Mexico 2
  • Saudi Arabia 2
  • Saudi Arabia 3
  • Serbia

  • United Kingdom
  • Two U.K. Gov regions (London, Newport)
  • United States
  • Two U.S. Gov regions (Ashburn, Phoenix) and three U.S. Department of Defense regions (Ashburn, Chicago, Phoenix)
Sovereign planned

  • Germany
  • Spain

Global cloud data center infrastructure

The fastest growing network of global data centers, with 41 cloud regions available and 9 more planned.

Oracle offers more than 100 cloud infrastructure and platform services. Most regions also offer our Cloud Application (SaaS) portfolio. Across Applications and Infrastructure, with public and hybrid cloud options, Oracle supports local access, regional compliance, and true business continuity.

Learn more about Oracle Cloud regions

Build with OCI

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Learn how companies and developers are using OCI.

PayPal: Essbase and analytics deployment on Oracle Cloud
PayPal: Essbase and analytics deployment on Oracle Cloud

30% faster data retrieval, 50% faster calculations, and the reduction of on-premises servers from 21 to 10—these are some of the benefits PayPal has achieved since moving their Hyperion Essbase app and analytics to OCI. Hear Patrick Lesandrini explain the setup.

Children’s Medical Research Institute Speeds Research with Oracle AI
Children’s Medical Research Institute Speeds Research with Oracle AI

With Oracle AI, Children's Medical Research Institute has improved the quality of their research, can run experiments faster, and can better focus on detailed analysis.

Integra LifeSciences migrates to OCI, improves disaster recovery time by 50%
Integra LifeSciences migrates to OCI, improves disaster recovery time by 50%

Integra LifeSciences implemented a multicloud architecture with Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced latency.

Cloud computing events and webinars

Plan, Adopt, Innovate logo Plan, Adopt, Innovate

Oracle provides both the technology and the guidance you need to succeed at every step of your journey, from planning and adoption through to continuous innovation.

Get started with OCI

Try 20+ Always Free cloud services, with a 30-day trial for even more

Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on more than 20 services such as Autonomous Database, Arm Compute, and Storage, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.

  • What’s included with Oracle Cloud Free Tier?

    • 2 Autonomous Databases, 20 GB each
    • AMD and Arm Compute VMs
    • 200 GB total block storage
    • 10 GB object storage
    • 10 TB outbound data transfer per month
    • 10+ more Always Free services
    • US$300 in free credits for 30 days for even more

Learn with step-by-step guidance

Experience a wide range of OCI services through tutorials and hands-on labs. Whether you're a developer, admin, or analyst, we can help you see how OCI works. Many labs run on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or an Oracle-provided free lab environment.

  • Get started with OCI core services

    The labs in this workshop cover an introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) core services including virtual cloud networks (VCN) and compute and storage services.

    Start OCI core services lab now
  • Autonomous Database quick start

    In this workshop, you’ll go through the steps to get started using Oracle Autonomous Database.

    Start Autonomous Database quick start lab now
  • Build an app from a spreadsheet

    This lab walks you through uploading a spreadsheet into an Oracle Database table, and then creating an application based on this new table.

    Start this lab now
  • Deploy an HA application on OCI

    In this lab you’ll deploy web servers on two compute instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), configured in High Availability mode by using a Load Balancer.

    Start HA application lab now

Explore over 150 best practice designs

See how our architects and other customers deploy a wide range of workloads, from enterprise apps to HPC, from microservices to data lakes. Understand the best practices, hear from other customer architects in our Built & Deployed series, and even deploy many workloads with our "click to deploy" capability or do it yourself from our GitHub repo.

Popular architectures

  • Apache Tomcat with MySQL Database Service
  • Oracle Weblogic on Kubernetes with Jenkins
  • Machine-learning (ML) and AI environments
  • Tomcat on Arm with Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Log analysis with ELK Stack
  • HPC with OpenFOAM

See how much you can save on OCI

Oracle Cloud pricing is simple, with consistent low pricing worldwide, supporting a wide range of use cases. To estimate your low rate, check out the cost estimator and configure the services to suit your needs.

Experience the difference:

  • 1/4 the outbound bandwidth costs
  • 3X the compute price-performance
  • Same low price in every region
  • Low pricing without long-term commitments

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    • How do I get the most out of my overall Oracle investments?
    • How does OCI compare to other cloud computing providers?
    • How can OCI support your IaaS and PaaS goals?