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IaaS Learnings

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IaaS Learnings: Lessons From Those Who Have Made the Move

Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA.

Our latest IaaS survey reveals the business benefits of adopting the technology

What a difference a quarter makes. Recent research from Oracle shows not only are businesses gaining considerable benefits from cloud infrastructure (IaaS) in areas such as innovation, scalability and productivity, but the numbers doing so are increasing at a marked rate. For example, nearly three quarters (72%) of businesses believe IaaS makes it easier to innovate and that number has increased by 10% in just the last three months.

While those still resisting may be putting their business in jeopardy, one benefit they could yet derive from their hesitancy is the opportunity to learn from those further down the road, as the latest research has identified what more established IaaS users might do differently, if they had their time over.

Andrew Sordam

Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA

Take more time to plan

While the use of cloud infrastructure offers clear advantages don’t rush headlong into implementing. Nearly a third (30%) would take more time to plan the order in which workloads were prioritised for migration to the cloud. A similar number (32%) say they would develop a clearer strategy for moving away from on-premises systems.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A third (33%) of respondents say that if they were to do their migration again they would seek external perspective and expertise to fully understand the technology and the options available to them. While cloud brings easier integration and removes a lot of complexity around configuration, updates and maintenance, a little external advice and expertise can still go a long way in making the transition even smoother.

Mind the gap

Having adequate numbers of trained staff remains a frustration for 28% of respondents. It was felt the transition to cloud could have been even more successfully achieved with additional skills in place. While core IT skills are still essential, not least in managing the move away from on-premises systems, capabilities around planning, strategy and understanding the requirements of lines of business are also important.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

To fully unlock the benefits of the cloud, a business needs to embrace it throughout the organisation. Cloud can make it easier for lines of business to work collaboratively for the overall benefit of the company and it can help employees become more productive and flexible in their ways of working. But to achieve these benefits, the company must move as one, with shared goals. A move to the cloud is a cultural as well as a technological shift and 29% of respondents regret not spending more time discussing IaaS benefits with colleagues.

These pointers from IaaS ‘old hands’ show that while no process is ever without a few lessons learned along the way, the move to cloud is relatively problem free. As such, those businesses holding back should consider their options now and learn from those striding out in front.  If they do not, the head-start gained by earlier-adopting competitors will continue to increase quarter by quarter.

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