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Top 5 Benefits

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Top Five Benefits

Our latest Pulse Survey was conducted in July and August 2017, and captured the views of 1,600 senior IT professionals. The results show IaaS adoption continued to grow in the three months following the previous survey, and how attitudes to IaaS are increasingly positive.


5 Benefits of the New IaaS Generation

When Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology first appeared, it caught CIOs’ attention because it helped them cut costs. Today, as a new generation of solutions enters the market – and as adoption of the technology grows – has their perception of IaaS changed?

The results of our latest Pulse Survey of 1,600 senior IT professionals suggest that IaaS continues to deliver efficiency – as well as a great deal of other benefits. Indeed, businesses increasingly see IaaS as a means to achieve agility and drive growth through innovation. They see it as a source of real competitive advantage. As a result, they are adopting the technology in greater numbers.

1. Boosting competitive advantage

Boosting competitive advantage

IaaS adopters will see rivals without the technology struggling to compete

Adopting IaaS is essential for firms to keep pace with many companies that have already moved their infrastructure to the cloud. We hear 34 percent of businesses saying that IaaS has brought them competitive advantage. And, with new cloud tools continually coming to market, fast-movers have the chance to position their businesses ahead of the competition again.

2. Freeing up time to create new value

Freeing up time to create new value

Among the survey respondents, increased productivity is the most commonly cited benefit of IaaS, and the results can be felt company-wide. Freeing staff from routine tasks not only cuts running costs, but also enables them to concentrate on higher-value activity.

Over half (56 percent) of IaaS users report increased productivity after adopting IaaS. Nearly one in two (46 percent) report that staff have more time or scope to concentrate on projects that add value to the company. At the same time, 68 percent of businesses say that IaaS has cut their time to deployment for new products and services.

3. Driving a culture of innovation

Driving a culture of innovation

IaaS makes it easier for organizations to innovate, and the longer businesses have used IaaS, the greater the benefit.

Almost three quarters (72 percent) agree that IaaS makes it easier for organizations to innovate. And evidence shows that the more experienced the user, the better equipped they are to implement new ways of working. Just 26 percent of recent adopters (those which began adopting IaaS within the past year) say that IaaS has given them greater ability to innovate, while that figure rises to 44 percent of experienced users.

4. Enhancing security

Enhancing security

When it comes to security, businesses are discovering benefits in moving to IaaS.

Data security is a significant issue for businesses. Recent high-profile security breaches such at the WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya ransomware attacks, as well as upcoming data privacy regulations worldwide, are fuelling concerns. More than half (52 percent) of users report that their security improved after they adopted IaaS. Meanwhile, 63 percent agree that IaaS services provide best practice security for enterprise architecture.

5. Allowing for an easier-than-expected migration

Allowing for an easier-than-expected migration

For most IaaS adopters, the migration process proved no more challenging than any other server changeover. And, as automated migration tools improve, deployments are expected to become even smoother.

IT departments have been using IaaS as a way to free staff from repetitive hardware maintenance and software updates, but they could be missing a trick when it comes to the IaaS adoption process itself. Nearly a quarter of businesses (22 percent) say that if they were to begin their IaaS deployment again, they would use automated migration tools. Oracle’s Ravello, for instance, enables organizations to seamlessly migrate their existing data center workloads to cloud platforms without the need for any costly or risky modifications.

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