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A Key Ingredient of Any Progressive IT Strategy

Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA

But Adoption Is still a Work in Progress

Andrew Sordam

Andrew Sordam, Vice President, Oracle EMEA

To understand the maturity of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) marketplace and how attitudes to adoption are changing, we recently surveyed 1,600 IT leaders from different sectors across the EMEA region. Respondents included early IaaS adopters (18 percent), established users (59 percent), recent adopters (8 percent), and organisations yet to implement IaaS within their IT landscape (14 percent).

The report—Learning From the Success of Early Adopters—highlights how IaaS delivers competitive advantage, and opportunities to embrace innovation, and how, the longer a business works with IaaS, the better their perception of the technology. It also takes a deeper dive into the negative preconceptions that have traditionally acted as a strong barrier to adoption.

Performance that offers an edge

 Almost 60 percent of those surveyed believe IaaS is an essential part of any progressive cloud IT strategy. 

IaaS is seen by many senior IT professionals as a competitive priority. Almost 60 percent of those surveyed believe IaaS is an essential part of any progressive cloud IT strategy, with around half believing in the world-class availability, uptime, and speed it delivers. Outstanding performance isn’t the only benefit IaaS brings. Organisations are saying IaaS helps them respond quickly to change, and significantly cuts the time it takes them to deploy new products and services.

Barriers, challenges, and bridges to cross

Almost half the respondents encountered negative attitudes and concerns from colleagues when implementing the technology. These centre on whether IaaS is secure enough for critical data, the potential complexity it adds to IT, a perceived loss of control over existing systems, and the need for new skills among IT teams.

A shift in perceptions

 47 percent of respondents say negative preconceptions have obstructed adoption within their organisation. 

Concerns do still exist, and 47 percent of respondents say negative preconceptions have obstructed adoption within their organisation. But the survey explored changing attitudes among enterprise organisations, and recent IaaS adopters say they’re less likely to encounter resistance. As the report shows, the benefits of IaaS are becoming increasingly obvious, and when organisations experience its agility and performance for themselves, these concerns drop off. As a result, IT teams are overcoming the doubts of their peers, which had previously held adoption back.

Overall, our findings tell an intriguing story about IaaS and its evolving place in the IT landscape. Over time, the benefits of adoption help make a strong case for including IaaS in your progressive IT strategy.

As well as the mini report, we’ve produced a quick guide—5 Lessons From the IaaS Pioneers—showing how IT leaders have embraced IaaS, overcome teething problems, and laid the groundwork for organisations like yours to follow. The quick guide shows that IaaS adoption is easier than expected (as 64 percent of experienced users that were surveyed revealed). And with a new generation of suppliers delivering superior infrastructure solutions, negativity is lifting among IaaS pioneers. It’s no surprise that organisations are seizing the IaaS opportunity.

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