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Break the silos of ITOM

Oracle Management Cloud

Break the silos of ITOM

The next generation of IT Operations Management: Oracle Management Cloud. Improve the productivity of your IT operations with a complete, heterogeneous, hybrid and intelligent solution thanks to its Machine Learning algorithms.

Discover the secrets of ITOM


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Heterogeneous and hybrid

Heterogeneous by design, monitor all of your IT environments whatever the technologies. Examples: SqlServer, MySql, PostSql, MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle, TomCat, JBoss, Apache, Java, .Net…

Hybrid by design, manage from a single interface your IT environments deployed in your Data centre, your host or a Cloud Provider such as Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure...


Big Data and Machine Learning

Built on a Big Data architecture, our solution integrates machine learning algorithms allowing:

  • Automation of thresholds definition
  • Anticipation of performance impairments
  • Prediction of resource needs
  • Fine detection of anomalies and their origins
  • Identification of correlations and relevant trends


Complete and unified

In one interface, all of our services have been designed to work together: Application Performance Monitoring, Log Analytics, Infrastructure Monitoring, IT Analytics, Orchestration, Compliance & Configuration, Security Monitoring & Analytics.

More than a unified management of alerts and dashboards, the integration of our services makes it possible, for example, to visualize the logs in a contextualized way during a degradation of performance or to offer self-remediation capabilities by anticipating the violation of an SLA.

Performance Monitoring Application

APM provides development and operations teams with the information they need to quickly identify and fix problems in applications, through a global view, that is, from the user experience, server queries application to Log files.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring monitors the state and health of your entire infrastructure, regardless of the type of hosting: locally or on the cloud (Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, etc.); thus offering a unified view and administration. Proactive control allows administrators to be alerted, analysed, and resolved before they affect end users.

Log Analytics

Log Analytics collects, aggregates, indexes, correlates and analyses all the logs of your applications and your infrastructure. With Machine Learning, Log Analytics automatically detects your application topology, trends, and anomalies. Accelerate your troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis, model your own graphs to monitor your environments and understand user behaviour.

IT Analytics

IT Analytics provides a 360 ° view of the performance, availability and resource consumption of your applications and underlying components: application servers, databases, machines, and more. Make the right decisions with Predictive Capacity Planning and a comprehensive analysis of your IT.


Auto-remediation, Automate scale-up ... Automate your IT operations as much as possible! Orchestration runs tasks in a hyper converged configuration cloud and automates them by calling REST APIs, scripts, or third-party automation structures such as Chef or Puppet. Automation applies to your local infrastructure as well as the cloud.
The future of ITOM
Bridge Consulting
Easily detect errors and performance degradations

« Oracle Management Cloud has enabled us to manage our IT more efficiently. It allows us to scale, manage our peaks better, and provides us flexibility. Most importantly, it helps in detecting issues such as slow transactions and helps resolve them proactively and faster. This makes a difference to our operational efficiencies which in turn directly impacts positively our customer's experience. »

Anjani Kumar, CIO, Safexpress
A single interface for all IT operations

« What is really attractive about Oracle Management Cloud is that it is a unified platform with the heterogeneous view across all the capabilities we have, and levering on machine learning capability. »

Sebastien Hood, Branch Manager, Service Client de DSS
Digital transformation doesn’t work without a tool like OMC

« As we get into the digital space and embrace the digital ecosystem more and more, it will be impossible to do without an environment such as Oracle Management Cloud. »

Prakash Paranjape, CIO, Idea Cellular LTD.
Become a super hero of IT
Discover the secrets of ITOM