Cloud Strategies
Virtual Event Series

This virtual event series covers topics most pressing to IT leaders who are designed for change. We discuss the ways in which business has changed over the last year, and how IT leaders have stepped up to harness the cloud while adding strategic value to their organisations.

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Data Transformation Journey: Are You Accelerating?

AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics aren’t just lofty technology concepts; they’re powerful tools that enable you to run and grow your business in new ways. It’s time to utilize the full potential of your data. Join us as we uncover key questions you should consider to define your digital strategy and provide valuable frameworks to help shape your approach, evolve your business and get the most from your data.

The Multicloud Trend: The Power of Choice

Multicloud is a very common trend with 85% of enterprises reporting the use of multiple cloud services. Hear from thought leaders, enterprises and cloud providers on what is driving the multicloud trend. Learn how the right cloud strategy can help mitigate risk and deliver cloud interoperability and accessibility.

IT Modernization: The Foundation for Your Future

While changing your IT infrastructure can be daunting, innovation and growth can’t happen without strategic modernization.

Whether it’s moving on-premises workloads to the cloud, or decommissioning others, having a solid digital foundation is key to driving your business decisions.