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Your Cloud, Your Way: Platform as a Service

Why PaaS?

How Cloud Creates a Better Future

Michael Connaughton, Director,
Big Data, EMEA @MichaelConnaughton

Businesses are using Cloud Platforms to innovate and build new services quickly and effectively


Modern businesses generate and acquire huge amounts of data. Hidden within this data is information that can help them grow and develop to better serve their customers. To turn the information into knowledge, and then use that knowledge to develop products and services, the business needs to be creative in its thinking, flexible in its attitude towards development, and fast in the design of new service.

This is why Cloud Platforms are so important. They unite an organization’s compute capability with its applications development, so that detailed analysis and understanding can be generated from data. Importantly, Cloud Platforms also allow an organization to try out ideas much more readily than ever before, because it is easy and fast to develop applications and test them in a safe environment.

Michael Connaughton

Michael Connaughton, Director, Big Data, EMEA

Cloud Platforms open the door to innovation in a way which is both cost-efficient and responsive to the needs of the organization. Their flexibility means that organizations can focus on what they need to do, secure in the knowledge that they have the very latest software versions and features at their fingertips. At a time when speed to market is increasingly important, Cloud Platforms are a vital enabler.

There are many examples of how organizations are using Cloud Platforms to innovate and build services quickly and effectively.

One organization using Cloud Platforms to create a better future is IDEXX, a producer of diagnostics and technologies for better veterinary care. The company uses Oracle Cloud Platform to build applications and keep an overview of the business, helping forecast where it might grow and where it could scale back. IDEXX particularly values its Cloud Platform provided facility to innovate fast, and have a single view right across the organization’s infrastructure.

Oracle Data Management Cloud provides integrated solutions for building, deploying and managing data- driven applications

Oracle Integration Cloud helps businesses to integrate application data from different parts of their business

Oracle Content and Process Cloud enables business users to collaborate easily and simplifies business automation

Retailers are also using Cloud Platforms across their businesses. A well-known convenience store chain operating in a very competitive market is using Cloud Platforms for its loyalty scheme. With a US base of 10 million customers and 10,000 stores it needs to work hard to stay ahead of the competition.

The company’s rewards program is more than just a loyalty card. Rewards are earned via a smartphone app, and at the back end Oracle Cloud Platform is used to analyze customer habits so that the retailer can understand what the customer wants and develop appropriate services. As well as handling vast quantities of data, the retailer uses its Cloud Platform to create and test services which it can then roll out to its franchises.

The examples above show how Cloud Platforms can give organizations operating in a diverse range of markets a distinct advantage. In a world in which new ideas need to be taken to market with speed and agility, and in which we live increasingly digital lives as consumers, public service users and workers, these advantages are vital to business sustainability and growth.

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