Survey Results
IT Leaders' Insights on the Cloud

What do IT leaders say about the cloud? What is the impact on their businesses? How does the cloud fit into their future plans? Find out by downloading this independent research study of 730 executives.

Clouded Perceptions Show

Tech journalist Jessica Twentyman hosts a round-table event with a panel of industry analysts and influencers to share their cloud infrastructure experiences. They examine shifting attitudes to IaaS and PaaS among enterprises, explore the obvious benefits of adoption, and look at how choosing the right technology partner helps organisations transform.

  • Jessica Twentyman Bio

    Jessica Twentyman is a journalist with a 20-year track record as both a writer and editor on national newspapers and IT trade titles. Her editorial work focuses on how smart companies use information technology to achieve real business results. She is a regular contributor to the Financial Times, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Computer Weekly, among others, and Consulting Editor on and Since February 2017, Jessica has also been Editor of Internet of Business.

Travelling Interviews

  • Kiran Tailor

    Kiran Tailor, AICPA

    What’s the best way to start a cloud journey that builds confidence within your organization, and helps manage, control and secure data? Kiran Tailor shares his advice with Jessica Twentyman in this video.

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  • Mark Chapman

    Mark Chapman, Bloodhound Project

    In this video, Mark discusses with Jessica Twentyman about the cloud’s role in helping design the world’s fastest car. For starters, it’s collecting and analysing data from hundreds of on-board sensors.

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  • Michael Winterson

    Michael Winterson, Equinix

    Michael Winterson talk to Jessica Twentyman about the drivers behind cloud consumption, integrating legacy IT estates, and the benefits of cloud. He also reveals his predictions for the future.

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About the Report

The survey and analysis was conducted by Longitude Research and sponsored by Oracle and Intel. Published at the end of 2017, the report provides insights from 730 C-suite and senior IT executives.

The respondents came from 13 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They work for companies with annual revenues of US$1 billion or more. The following industries are represented: Energy, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Retail, Healthcare, Financial services, Telecommunications, and Media and Entertainment.

Key Findings

A large number of organizations around the world and across industries already embrace the cloud, according to the report. Those surveyed have migrated an average of 29 percent of their applications to the cloud and are in the process of migrating another 25 percent.

Regardless of how mature their cloud environment is, respondents identify similar benefits and challenges. The research provides invaluable insight into the cloud experience and ambitions of senior IT professionals in six key areas, outlined in the section below.

Top 10 Lessons

Survey respondents shared their cloud experiences and opinions on what to expect when moving to the cloud. Companies with the greatest cloud exposure reported the highest levels of confidence in the cloud—and the greatest increases in productivity and competitiveness. Other key findings were more surprising. The survey insights are explained in depth in "What to Expect When Moving to the Cloud: 10 Lessons from Your Peers."

Your Cloud Priorities

There are many ways to approach a migration to the cloud—reflecting a wide range of business goals and starting points.
The report highlights six key areas that organizations can prioritize when considering their cloud strategy. Find out more below.

Move workloads to the cloud
Move Workloads to the Cloud

More than 70 percent of cloud-mature businesses are reaping benefits across the board from migrating workloads to the cloud.

Develop and deploy applications
Develop and Deploy Applications

Discover why 730 of your peers are finding that developing and testing applications in the cloud improves business innovation and competitiveness.

Connect and extend applications
Connect and Extend Applications

72 percent of cloud-mature businesses have enriched the functionality of their applications in the cloud. Discover the other business benefits that companies have gained in the cloud.

Business driven analytics and insights
Business-Driven Analytics and Insights

41 percent of cloud-mature organizations say that the ability to access information faster and more frequently is a prime motivator in conducting business analytics in the cloud. Learn what else your peers have discovered about how to improve data insights.

Modernize data management
Modernize Data Management

In the next 3 years, 9 out of 10 companies will have their data managed and stored in the cloud. See why your peers are making the move to the cloud—and the benefits they are already reaping.

Secure and manage hybrid cloud
A Platform for Security

Cloud-mature organizations are more likely to give their security capabilities high marks. Learn what executives think about the security benefits of the cloud.


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