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Digital Innovation in the Age of Consumer Choice

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The retail sector is one of the industries most affected by digital business transformation, so retail is one of the most rapidly changing verticals across the world. It’s often at the forefront of technological endeavours to keep pace with the evolving needs of a 24/7 customer base.

The challenges for retailers are countless: how to respond to the new shopper expectations; how to bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping experiences; how to modernise the back-office processes… In a series of three ebooks, Oracle provides answers to these challenges.

This ebook dives into digital innovation in the age of consumer choice; the other two ebooks explore how to leverage data for profitability and personalisation, and agile operations respectively.

Digital Transformation in Retail

Today’s digital consumer has become hooked on the real-time, personalised world of the current digital landscape, and they expect their retail providers to follow. Consumers know what they want, and they want it now. And experience is leading, so retailers are no longer selling products; they’re selling the experience of buying.

Digital consumers are channel-agnostic and use digital tools throughout their shopping journey. They expect a seamless, easy and frictionless shopping experience across multiple touchpoints, and their mobile device plays a big part. When in a store, shoppers get out their smartphones, and the lines between digital and physical disappear.

The Internet of Things and the immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality will serve to perpetuate this, because digital consumers are hungry for innovative experiences. They demand innovative shopping possibilities, and engagement that goes beyond excellent customer experience. Self-service, self-checkout, and finding information and support for themselves are now the norm.