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At Oracle, we’ve helped thousands of customers move to the Cloud – and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that it can be a scary process. That’s why we’ve decided to put together the experiences of people who’ve moved to the Cloud – so you can derisk and accelerate your own journey to the cloud. Our new customer package is designed especially for existing Oracle customers like you to get the benefits of Cloud more quickly, find unexpected opportunities, and protect your investment.

Lloyds Bank Chooses Oracle ERP Cloud to Transform Finance
More, for less
By upgrading, you’ll be lowering the total cost of ownership, while benefiting from fixed price deployment packages, including payment on completion
No more risk
We will be leveraging automation to help you eliminate the dreaded spreadsheets, lower human errors and reduce complexities, simplifying your business
Innovation without internal disruption
Use the latest technologies (blockchain, AI, machine learning) without worrying about another upgrade - automatic updates will keep you on top of the latest trends
We’re co-pilots
With over 5,500 upgrades under our belt, we’re committed to your successful outcome. This is only a step on our journey to endless innovation.
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