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Oracle Grows Java Capabilities for Internet of Things and Cloud

Using Java with the Internet of Things and Connecting Devices to the Cloud

Java with the Internet of Things

Companies of various industries have already benefited from Internet of Things (IoT) generated value. As the number of IoT edge devices is growing dramatically, and those appliances are becoming more intelligent, organisations are looking for horizontally scalable platforms which feed the needs of different verticals. They are seeking a hardware agnostic standard based software stack which allows smooth movement across multiple architectures with the same codebase to rapidly enter new markets within a limited budget.

 Already more than 35% of engineers are deploying IoT capabilities with their current products under development.

Using Java to control IoT Development Costs by VDC Research, 2016.

The new Java ME Embedded 8.3 provides extensive support for market-leading embedded chip architectures and increases the range of supported OEM/partner platforms. Oracle also announced the latest releases to its Oracle Java Embedded product portfolio, Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit (SDK) 8.3, a complete client Java runtime and toolkit optimised for microcontrollers and other resource-constrained devices. The key features of the release include, but is not limited to, the Java ME Embedded 8 Security system through the implementation of Secured File System supporting a number of HW Secured Elements to protect customer data from compromise. Java ME customers can encrypt application data (MIDlets, LIBlets), application meta-data and runtime configuration. Extended the application specific filesystem structure.

Oracle Application Container Cloud Service

VDC Research (PDF) also reported that “In many, if not all, cases, IoT products will require integration with enterprise and cloud-based services…” Oracle has been rolling out cloud services for developing and deploying Java applications. These services complement existing services that Oracle offers at all major cloud tiers. With these rollouts, there are multiple cloud services of interest to Java developers.

The Oracle Application Container Cloud Service provides rapid self-service provisioning of dedicated and isolated Java SE and Node.js runtime application containers in the cloud. The Oracle Developer Cloud Service is a free entitlement with both the Application Container Cloud Service and the Oracle Java Cloud Service (Java EE / WebLogic) and provides a cloud based DevOps environment.

Learn why Java is the perfect language to bridge the gap between operational technology and information technology. Watch Oracle Principal Consultant Java, Andy Gilbert in his presentation at Devoxx UK 2016 on Java, Devices and the IoT Cloud where he covered some of the features of Java for connecting and programming devices to connect through into a cloud service (IoT Cloud Service) to analyse the data received.

OTN Summit

You also might have caught the Oracle Technology Network team’s OTN Summit in July. The live webcast covered the next generation of Java applications in the cloud with tools and methodologies from Oracle and Java community experts. There was over 12 hours of content with Oracle ACEs, Java Champions, and Oracle product experts sharing their insights through technical demos, presentations, and hands-on labs. If you missed the event it is now available on-demand! Register to hear our four technical tracks (Java, Database, Middleware, and Systems), with multiple sessions in each track and a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, and tips. Don’t forget you can join the conversation @oracleotn using hashtag #OTNSummit.

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