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Oracle Customer Success—Kagool Ltd.

Kagool Ltd.

Kagool Grows Flagship Application While Moving to Oracle Cloud


Oracle Database Cloud Enterprise Edition Service reduced our customer deployment timeline from months to weeks, which opens up markets previously unavailable to us. By offering our customers a SaaS model, we can now talk to them about improved cost management and agility to take on new opportunities in the fastest turnaround times possible.

— Oscar Glennon, Commercial Manager, Kagool Ltd.

Kagool Reduces Deployment Time from Months to Weeks and Accelerates Growth by Running Flagship App on Oracle Cloud

Kagool has expertise in the data management and SAP digital services space, providing data solutions and services predominantly to the manufacturing and supply chain sector. Its proprietary Kagool Data Platform (KDP) delivers real-time monitoring, reporting, and automation of data activities, helping clients to control, manage, and understand their data and increase operational productivity. 

Kagool was looking to grow its key service by offering its customers the fastest deployments possible combined with the ability to scale without needing to worry about infrastructure investment. Proactive businesses should be prepared for the changes that Industry 4.0 is bringing. As experts in the sector, Kagool is positioned to cater to the most demanding SAP and data-lead requirements, aligned with these new challenges.
Business Challenge
  • Facilitate growth by enabling customers to increase the scale and scope of their Kagool applications without needing to expand their infrastructure resources
  • Reduce potential loss of business when customers retire on-premises hardware—running Kagool’s data management application—in favor of a cloud infrastructure
  • Minimize time to value for customers by developing and deploying innovative enterprise applications faster and with less risk
  • Improve services for enterprise customers by supporting their cloud strategies and enhancing IT support and monitoring capabilities
  • Enabled rapid growth and expansion into new markets by deploying Oracle Database Cloud Enterprise Edition Service to run Kagool’s flagship application—simplifying and accelerating deployments, enhancing development agility, and providing unlimited customer scalability
  • Reduced deployment time from months to weeks, as customers no longer need to plan for and provision space in their own datacenters or run additional security and governance checks before going live with Kagool’s software
  • Enabled Kagool to grow as fast as the business demands by leveraging the elastic resources of Oracle Database Cloud Service—delivering compute, memory, and storage whenever needed—where previously, expansion was greatly hindered by the size of customers’ existing on-premises systems
  • Minimized risk of losing customers about to transition their hardware—used for running Kagool’s application—to a cloud infrastructure by offering them a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model instead of needing to undertake a costly reimplementation
  • Shortened time to market thanks to the ability of Oracle Database Cloud Enterprise Edition Service to rapidly provision database environments for creating and testing innovative, enterprise-level business applications
  • Increased the agility of Kagool’s development team to improve its core homegrown application—which helps large organizations integrate and analyze SAP workloads and is built using Oracle Application Express—by deploying an additional instance of Oracle Database Cloud for internal use
  • Improved IT consultancy service levels by enabling customer support and migration teams to work more flexibly, with remote access to Oracle Database Cloud Enterprise Edition Service from any location


Our 30-day trial of Oracle Database Cloud Service confirmed its potential to move our customers quickly and easily to a SaaS model. We also evaluated various scenarios with Google, AWS, and Azure, but found that Oracle offered lower risk, stronger application performance, and less complexity when scaling.

— Oscar Glennon, Commercial Manager, Kagool Ltd.

About Kagool Ltd.


Birmingham, United Kingdom



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 Million
Formed in 2004, Kagool initially specialized in enterprise resource planning (ERP) migration and integration projects before expanding in 2008 into full SAP project consultancy services. Today, with an established track record of rescuing and recovering distressed SAP projects and workstreams, it specializes in delivering SAP ERP and data management projects for large corporate clients with complex requirements. Kagool is an Oracle Silver Partner.
Published:  Oct 24, 2018