KidZania makes business personal with Oracle Cloud

The vocational theme park is using Oracle Responsys to customize email communication and gain insight into how to increase park visits.


Business challenges

What child hasn’t spent playtime pretending to be a nurse, firefighter, veterinarian, or some other grown-up job? KidZania’s vocational theme parks, which attract nearly 10 million visitors each year, let children enjoy that experience while learning how to be good citizens in the real world. But the company needed to increase repeat visits, and thus wanted to personalize how it communicated with kids and their parents, particularly via email newsletters and campaigns.

Why KidZania Chose Oracle?

KidZania chose Oracle over competing tools because Oracle Responsys made it easier to personalize marketing messages and tailor them to specific consumer segments. Oracle Responsys also simplified research such as A/B testing.


Rather than blasting out one standard version of a newsletter, KidZania now uses Oracle Responsys to customize newsletter content based on children’s activity interests, loyalty status, or how long it’s been since they last visited a park. Oracle Responsys even helps KidZania personalize a single newsletter with unique offers for multiple children within a single household. 

KidZania is also using Oracle Responsys to conduct A/B testing on its email subject lines to gauge which messages resonate the most with parents.

Published:May 27, 2020