Mitre Realty boosts communication efficiencies with Oracle Cloud

The construction company automates processes and keeps teams lean with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management and OCI integration services.


With the integration between Oracle Responsys and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services, we now have an excellent level of automation of our communication strategies. In this way, we have much better visibility of the efficiency of our communications, and we still shift part of our team to more strategic tasks.

Mônica SallesInnovation Manager, Mitre Realty

Business challenges

Founded more than 50 years ago, Mitre Realty is a real estate development and civil construction company based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Maintaining effective communication with its customers and leads is a key priority for Mitre Realty. However, the company’s process for managing leads and lead data was entirely manual, which led to slow and inefficient communication.

To correct this, Mitre sought technology that would centralize information and automate the creation of strategies and campaigns with relevant integrations, thus reducing redundant work and increasing efficiency in communications. After acquiring Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, the company realized that it would be more efficient to use it alongside Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration services for data integration and automation.

With Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Mitre Realty monitors KPIs in real time to better understand the quality and effectiveness of customer communications.

Why Mitre Realty chose Oracle

Mitre Realty selected OCI integration services for its ability to integrate with other platforms as well as with Oracle's own solution ecosystem. Also, the company chose Oracle Responsys Campaign Management for its range of features, which would enable the firm to automate its communications strategy, such as message scheduling. While OCI integration services makes integrations easier, Oracle Responsys offers flexibility and automation.

With Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Mitre Realty can also manage campaigns in different segmentations. The tool also has its own area of insights that would allow the real estate business to act in a more targeted way to meet the needs of its customers.


With the adoption of Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, the integrations made from OCI integration services, and the automation of various processes, the team at Mitre Realty could monitor KPIs in real time to better understand the quality and effectiveness of customer communications.

Previously, to send email, push, and SMS messages, the company required three different systems. Now, all these actions are completed within Oracle Responsys, making communication more efficient and ensuring that messages reach customers through the most appropriate channel.

The Mitre team also benefited from new targeting mechanisms in Oracle Responsys, such as delivery performance and message open rates, which gave the team more agility with its communication strategy. Mitre observed that 40% of customers were opening emails, which reduced the number of phone calls to customers and leads.

Using Oracle Responsys, the company carried out its communications and lead management in a more practical, fast, and accurate way, with fewer employees, which also reduced costs. Mitre Realty expects to be able to move 4 employees from a 10-person communications team to more strategic job roles.


Mitre Realty selected InfinitySys as its partner in the implementation of Oracle Integration Cloud and the integration with Oracle Responsys. It took six months for the Oracle Integration Cloud implementation project with Oracle Responsys and for the creation of 11 communications and training strategies. This knowledge transfer by the partner allowed Mitre Realty to become autonomous in the use of the tools and developing campaigns.

Published:November 18, 2022

About the customer

Mitre Realty is a construction company that developed the concept of the Miter Experience. It was established​ from an initiative to connect clients to the latest in the world of design, decor, art, tourism, culture, gastronomy, technology, and lifestyle. ​