Fisher Science Education uses Oracle to grow its customer base

Fisher Science Education—a distributor of science supplies to school systems—needed to understand the needs of a microsegmented customer base to access better metrics, faster

Our future plan with Oracle is to understand how we can integrate this existing solution with other solutions already used by the company to improve the customer experience internally.

Rachel FrotaMarketing Analyst, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Business challenges

  • Expanding the reach of a successful customer-facing publication
  • Profiling publication readers to deliver more targeted content
  • Tracking publication ROI
  • Content marketing
  • Data management
  • Progressive profiling


Fisher Science Education uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to engage customers throughout the annual buying cycle. The marketing team uses top content from the quarterly print publication to create a mid-funnel nurturing campaign. Prospects who opt in to the monthly emails receive bite-sized, repurposed content based on preferred interests and timely events such as earth science articles in April to coincide with Earth Day. The content is updated and reorganized for each customer as their profile becomes more detailed from trigger campaign data. Additionally, the company uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to offer co-op advertising opportunities to suppliers.

The campaign results were quite remarkable. Fisher Science Education gained 30,000 new email subscribers in one year, achieving a 55% increase over the previous year’s baseline. Annual revenue increased by 7.5% and was well above competitor earnings. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is the benefit to suppliers. Those that participated in the co-op advertising program experienced an average revenue growth of nearly 18%. Also, many suppliers now view the company as a marketing leader in their industry, and rely on them as their main marketing resource.

Published:September 1, 2019