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Oracle Customer Success — YellowDog Limited

YellowDog Limited

YellowDog Finds Oracle Bare Metal Services Twice as Fast as Other Instances in its Production Environment


The availability of high-power machines is not always what is advertised and when we have used other public cloud providers, we’ve sometimes stretched their operational capability. We benchmarked Oracle Cloud against our production deployment, using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, with fantastic results that blew anything we had previously used out of the water. The Bare Metal benchmark was twice as fast as any other instance we have running in our production environment, with one result nearly 10X faster than our production instance. We are very pleased with the results and have been very impressed since we started working with the Oracle Cloud team – their responsiveness, agility, and make-it-happen attitude is brilliant.

— Gareth Williams, YellowDog CEO and Founder

YellowDog, T-Mobile on Modern IaaS


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Bristol, United Kingdom

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Published:  Dec 27, 2016