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Quarterly Update on Innovations for Advertising and CX—February 2021

Wednesday, 10 February 2021


Delivering a unified experience for sales, service, marketing, and loyalty

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Today, companies can thrive only if they offer a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. The key to success is recognizing that every interaction matters and ensuring each step in a customer’s journey is flawless. This quarter, Oracle is introducing innovations that power next-generation B2B sales and service experiences, advanced intelligence for B2B marketing, and enhanced loyalty and customer engagement.

Highlights- Oracle Advertising and CX Innovations (6:09)

Optimizing the customer experience today is not possible without the mix of real time contextual customer data and historic customer data that really only resides in back office systems. Oracle's set of comprehensive capabilities across marketing, sales, service, support, supply chain, and ERP provide the opportunity to integrate both front and back office data to truly enable contextual customer experiences at scale.

Alan Webber Program Vice President of Customer Experience, IDC

Innovation Deep Dives

Oracle Sales Innovations: New B2B Selling Experience (11:00)

Catch a glimpse of our latest innovations for sellers, including intelligent, action-oriented user interfaces, personalized workspaces, digital assistants, and completely reimagined experiences.

Katrina Gosek, Vice President, Outbound Product Management, Oracle
Michelle Brusyo, Director, CX Outbound Product Management, Oracle
Adam Thomas, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Oracle Service Innovations: New B2B Service Experience (13:06)

Get a more detailed look into Oracle’s latest service innovations, including digital assistants, tools for remote employees, and a completely reimagined agent experience.

Jeffrey Wartgow, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle
Josh Bowcott, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Harriet Franklin, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Marketing Innovations: Loyalty and Customer Engagement (13:40)

Oracle’s connected suite of marketing and loyalty solutions—leveraging AI, machine learning, and data—expose insights and help you deliver highly personalized experiences to every customer.

Holly Simmons, Vice President, CX Product Management, Oracle

Innovation Demos

B2B Selling Experience (7:18)

Innovations for sellers include a personalized workspace, smart lists, intelligent search, voice interactions, and more.

B2B Service Experience (4:40)

Innovations in customer service include proactive service engagement, digital assistant, smart routing, and more-all in a reimaged, easy-to-use UI.

Explore innovations within Oracle Advertising and CX.