Work Made Human: Innovation for the New Workplace

13 April, 2021 / Original broadcast

Work Made Human: Innovation for the New Workplace—Full Show (1:20:56)

Concentrating on employee needs-skill acquisition, inclusive environment, personalized work experience-drives business growth and improves outcomes. Learn from HR leaders about strategies to improve learning, diversity, and the employee experience.

Work Made Human: Innovation for the New Workplace—Opening Remarks (3:37)

Explore the topics that are top of mind for the HR community in a post-pandemic era: skills development, diversity and inclusion, and employee experience.

Customer Momentum (1:16)

Discover how Oracle customers are caring for the global community during the pandemic.

The State of HR in the New Workplace (19:35)

Hear thought leaders Josh Bersin and Yvette Cameron discuss the organizational focus on diversity and inclusion, the importance of bridging the skill gap, and why employee experience matters.

Oracle Cloud HCM Product Vision (1:31)

Take a sneak peek at the future of HR technology and learn how Oracle’s innovative product design supports HR leaders in their workforce initiatives around skills development, diversity and inclusion, and employee experience.

Advice from Oracle Cloud HCM Customers (6:21)

Hear Oracle Cloud HCM customers from around the globe share their best advice and visions for the future of HR.

The Future of HR is You (42:25)

With constant innovation, Oracle supports your most modern HR initiatives. Hear Oracle execs Chris Leone and Yvette Cameron talk with HR leaders around the world about how Oracle Cloud HCM helps address their most pressing issues.

Work Made Human, One Interaction at a Time (9:43)

Discover how Oracle’s user experience design leaders, Hillel Cooperman and Jenny Lam create technology for the workplace that is contextual, spontaneous, and human.

Closing Remarks: Oracle Cloud HCM competitive advantage (3:02)

Oracle Cloud HCM has changed dramatically in the past year. New business challenges and shifts to how work gets done require a reimagined approach. Hear Yazad Dalal explain how Oracle Cloud HCM gives you the business edge other HR systems cannot.

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