Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Datasheet

Key features

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety helps you

  • Report incidents with a fast, easy-to-use process that all workers can follow on any device.
  • Capture critical safety information.
  • Collect compliance data to support regulatory reporting.
  • Collect hazard data.
  • Investigate root causes of incidents.
  • Track and analyze safety data to monitor progress and detect trends.

Key benefits

  • Promote a culture of workplace safety and compliance.
  • Reduce costs associated with workforce compensation.
  • Reduce accidents and workplace hazards through root cause analysis.
  • Mitigate risk—capture more incidents sooner and enable follow-up actions.
  • Spend less time managing the incident reporting process.
  • Support compliance with better data for analysis and reporting.

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety is an Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM service that provides organizations with the ability to manage environmental health and safety incidents simply and effectively. It digitizes the process of reporting incidents and hazards, conducting reviews, and tracking key performance indicators. An intuitive user experience with task automation can help drive better employee engagement and foster a culture of workplace safety. Simplified reporting and compliance can help improve health and safety outcomes, build resilience, and reduce overall risk across the enterprise.

Encourage employees to report health and safety incidents

The ability to provide a safe workplace and support compliance has never been more vital. Employers have learned the importance of managing not only extreme circumstances such as wars, natural disasters, and pandemics but also day-to-day workplace safety.

Many organizations find it challenging to get their workforce to report health and safety incidents in a timely way. Workers are often unsure as to whether they should notify their organization of events such as near misses or unsafe conditions.

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety provides employees with a guided safety tool they can access from any device. Employees can capture critical event information in real time with minimal data entry required. Once an incident has been reported, HR or a health and safety professional can easily digest the information to understand the issue at hand, initiate an investigation with guided questionnaires, and drive follow-up actions and alerts to engage the broader organization—all using one service.

Improve health and safety outcomes

Incidents are expensive. While the direct costs, such as workers’ compensation and medical and legal services, are obvious, the indirect costs of an incident shouldn’t be underestimated; these include retraining, investigations, corrective measures, lost productivity, damage to equipment, reputational risk, and costs associated with lower employee morale, absenteeism, and retention.

Prevention is better. Oracle Workforce Health and Safety provides simple, easy-to-use tools that encourage employees to report concerns and minimize the obstacles to reporting. Autocompleted fields based on an employee’s role and location help employees capture incidents quickly and easily. Employees can add additional context about the incident by taking pictures or filling out notes. This can help ensure that incidents are captured efficiently and that most incidents are reported.

Simplify reporting and compliance

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety enables your workforce to actively report, manage, and mitigate issues, helping the entire organization to be more proactive in mitigating risk and eliminating avoidable costs. It leverages embedded business intelligence and analytics to deliver the analysis and reporting required for compliance as well as for internal metrics to identify health and safety trends in your workplace.

Reduce implementation time

Oracle’s health and safety solution is part of the Oracle Cloud HCM suite, so customers receive a consistent user experience and a single security model that requires no customization or integration. This unified design enables your organization to get your solution up and running faster.

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