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Empower Teaching, Learning, and Research

Schools, higher education, and research institutions are entering a new digital era of personalised student experiences, unprecedented data insights, and unpredictable change. With a connected, secure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can transform teaching and learning, improving student success and research outcomes.

Combating Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity with UC Davis and Oracle Cloud

Smart, Connected Education and Research

Modernise and Innovate

Cloud-first is the lead option for smart, connected education and research. The agile and adaptive Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is pre-built for forward-thinking schools, higher education, and research institutions demanding secure, high performance computing with easy migration of legacy on-premises applications to the cloud.

Agile, Connected Services

You need to be ready for what comes next. The agile and adaptive Oracle Cloud Infrastructure puts innovation at the heart of your education and research strategy. By connecting people, data, and processes, you can gain important insights, pivot at pace, compete for top talent, and connect more closely with students, staff, and researchers.

A Trusted, Secure Digital Infrastructure

Data is the foundation to every aspect of your operations. The security-first Oracle Cloud Infrastructure applies rigorous organisational, architectural, and operational security to help you meet education and research compliance, data governance, and regulatory mandates with less risk and at lower cost.

Built for the Future

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, High Performance Computing and Oracle Cloud Applications put modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of your education and research programmes. With agility on your side, you can adapt more quickly to tomorrow’s change, liberate resources to focus on innovation, and concentrate on what matters most: improving student success and accelerating research.

Operational Efficiency

Connect and automate education and research processes across finance, human resources, planning, and budgeting with a unified, agile, and adaptive Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Liberate resources to increase productivity, advance research, and connect more closely with the students and researchers that you serve.

Better Informed Financial Decisions

Too often, finance is focused on routine tasks like transaction processing, when it should be a strategic partner to modern education and research services delivery. Oracle takes your finance function into the future, automating processing and insights, releasing resources for financial analysis and planning, accelerating the financial close, and improving operational decision-making.

Make Work More Human

Connect every education and research HR process – including talent management, workforce management, and payroll. Create the experiences your employees expect, using familiar technologies that empower them to do their best work. Help them engage more easily with HR, using self-service innovations such as a voice-based user interface and digital assistants.

Take Control of Procurement

You want to spend your education and research budget wisely. Oracle can help you maintain efficient control of procurement and the supply chain, with a single, centralised procure-to-pay platform. Achieve complete procurement visibility, automate authorisations, and analyse spending patterns to negotiate better terms and pricing.

Improve the Student and Academic Experience

Oracle Cloud Applications can help your education or research institution to deliver the connected, personalised experiences students, staff, and researchers expect.

Personalise Experiences

Streamline core operations and free-up resources to improve the student, staff, and researcher experience. Using innovative technologies like machine learning, AI, and digital assistants, education institutions are better positioned to anticipate students', staff, and researchers’ needs, illuminate their academic path, and empower them to succeed.

Offer Choice to Empower Success

Use connected customer experience applications to develop a more engaging and rewarding student experience – an experience that sets your institution apart from others. Develop innovative and diverse academic programmes closely aligned to student expectations and workforce requirements. Improve student outcomes and prepare them for the future.

Smarter Decisions

You want your education and research decisions to be informed by data-driven insights. But how do you determine what data is valuable and what’s just noise? Oracle provides comprehensive business intelligence and analytics tools with embedded machine learning and AI, so you can trust your data to support smarter predictions and better outcomes.

Optimise Data Insights

Imagine putting all of the data accumulating across your education or research institution to work. Thanks to emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and cloud, you can. Only Oracle embeds data across all areas of the organisation and IT stack. Oracle Cloud Applications all share the same data model so the appropriate data is available across your processes for complete, shared, and informed insights.

Manage Big Data

Your institution deals in data of vast volumes, variety, and velocity. And with Oracle, you can advance your analytical capabilities. Oracle Big Data Service is flexible and efficient; it is designed to optimally and securely run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying your operations.

Build Compelling Visual Updates

Empower your leadership and staff to access data from wherever they are, including mobile devices, with Oracle Analytics Cloud. With automated chart and graph recommendations using machine learning, anyone can quickly build compelling, visual stories that best represent the data.

Ensure Cloud Sovereignty

The new Oracle Dual-Region government cloud is the first and only true sovereign cloud dedicated to UK education and research institutions. Designed in collaboration with multiple UK government and defence ministries, the UK Dual-Region goes beyond data protection, delivering the trusted cloud infrastructure you need to accelerate digital change and innovate at the pace of industry.

Ensuring Cloud Sovereignty; Beyond Protecting Data

The new Dual-Region government cloud is aligned to the cloud security principles outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre. The two UK-based data regions are built on a highly resilient network, offering robust disaster recovery capabilities and infrastructure that provides full support for enterprise-grade OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE workloads.

A centralised, security-cleared, UK-based operations team, aligned to the government Secure Remote Support model, ensures expert, rapid issue escalation and resolution, without compromising the integrity of the sovereign model.

High Resilience, Disaster Recovery, and Security

The two paired regions are connected via a highly resilient, private high-speed backbone. The operations and network connections are isolated from other commercial worldwide Oracle Cloud regions.

Based on Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture, the Dual-Region government cloud offers disaster recovery and high resilience outside of a single blast zone without any security and compliance degradation.

Delivering Great Value, Faster

UK education and research institutions can take advantage of the sovereignty and security of the Dual-Region government cloud without incurring additional premiums for infrastructure services. Oracle offers global pricing for all data centres worldwide, whereby all commercial and government cloud infrastructure pricing remains common, low, and predictable.

The Oracle New Dual-Region government is available from various sources to streamline procurement, including system integrators and reseller partners, the G-Cloud CCS Framework, and The Memorandum of Understanding.

Our Customers


Katy Harding, Associate Director, Finance and Commercial, Ofqual

“Ofqual is a £20 million public sector organisation – we never thought we could afford an application like Oracle Cloud. We were wrong. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.”

“Life in the cloud is lovely. The journey doesn’t stop – we are on a continual path to improvement.”

Hamant Bharadia, Assistant Director of Finance, Lambeth Council

“We moved to Oracle Cloud two years ago to standardise and simplify processes across the Council. We are now creating a digital network within which emerging local businesses can thrive.”

“We are using data analytics to better understand how our services are delivered, with a focus on continual improvement.”

“One of the reasons for moving to Oracle Cloud was to take out many of the customisations from our on-premise environment. Now, when new hires join the Council, everything is standardised. There are fewer processes to learn so managers and staff can devote more time to supporting residents’ needs.”


Imre Berger, Professor and Director, University of Bristol

“Our ambition is to create a platform to react quickly to disease, which involves the creation of terabytes of imaging data. Using Oracle Cloud, we can distribute the data across multiple processors and get results in a fraction of the time of a traditional on-premise system.”

Royal Holloway

Saswata Hier-Majumder, Reader in Geophysics, Royal Holloway, University of London

“Using the Oracle Cloud, we can simulate carbon capture sequestration scenarios, address complex environmental problems, and drive meaningful change in the world.”

Royal Holloway, University of London
Customer Stories

Higher Education and Research Customer Successes


Oracle's Focus on Higher Education

Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy is Oracle's award-winning philanthropic program, committed to advancing computing education globally to improve life and career opportunities for all students.

Oracle Education Foundation

The Oracle Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle and staffed by Oracle employees. Its mission is to help young people develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems.

Accelerating Discovery and Innovation

Oracle for Research advances academic exploration and supports university innovation ecosystems by enabling robust, open, virtual communities of researchers. Partnering with universities and entrepreneurs to find solutions to humankind’s complex and high-impact social, environmental, economic, and technical challenges, Oracle for Research enables global transformation built on Oracle Cloud technology

Research Blogs

Cloud-Powered Science

Increasingly, researchers are moving their specialized workloads to the high-performance cloud.

Data Transfer to Oracle Via Research Networks Optimised by CERN Openlab

The CERN openlab team has worked together with Oracle and GÉANT in order to implement a network solution to transfer large data volumes from Geneva, Switzerland into Oracle Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany via dedicated private connectivity.

Still Building Your IT Research Platform?

Cloud computing promised information as a utility. Data with the ease of a light switch. The electricity’s path, the circuit breakers, and bulb are immaterial. You need light. You pay for what you use. IT is another utility that just needs to work. Your research sits on top of the platform. Creating the platform is a waste of precious resources.

Research, Oracle Cloud, and AI Converge to Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetic Amputations

Imagine what would change if AI could offer early detection of ulcers, and proactively refer patients for care. For example, what if AI could assist a patient, their caregiver, or a relatively low-skilled clinician to identify early and monitor the progression of a foot or leg ulcer?

Cloud-Academic Brokerage Services

Public sector organizations traditionally purchase goods and services via catalogs made available by government agencies, ensuring that public procurement rules and regulations are followed. With the advent of the internet, digital markets, and the plethora of pubic cloud services, the centralized mechanism of producing catalogs and making them available and up-to-date has proven to be difficult.

Connecting the Cloud: The Rise of Academic Cloud Exchanges

In the last four decades, the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) have gone from being specialized internet service providers (ISPs) serving the public research and education communities within a country to a regional conglomerate of e-infrastructure providers not only offering connectivity services but also covering national identity federations.

Federating the Cloud: National Identity Federations

In many regions across the globe, the NREN (or a dedicated organization) also runs the national identity and access federation of the country. An identity federation is a collection of organizations that agrees to interoperate under certain rules.

Cloud: Essential for the Expanding Research Universe

Humankind has always sought answers. Today, research is as crucial as ever. Research advances medicine, agriculture, communications, manufacturing, and more, transforming the world economically, environmentally, and socially.

40 Years of Technology and Research Evolution

When I started in the clinical and research worlds in the 1970s, computers were just beginning to be available to average medical centers and researchers outside of the most elite universities. I remember our exuberance when we got our first DEC PDP-8 minicomputer. It was the size of a refrigerator and had a whopping 64K of addressable memory and a large floppy disc drive for storage and program loading.

Advancing NeuroDiagnostics with Artificial Intelligence

Helping identify children with cognitive disorders early in life makes treatment of those conditions far more effective than with older people. However, conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be hard to diagnose and difficult to differentiate from other disorders.