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Oracle Public Sector

Modern Government Modern Cloud

With budgets shrinking and populations ageing, public service agencies are under a huge amount of pressure to improve operational efficiency, share information and integrate processes while reducing costs. For many the answer lies in the cloud.

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Oracle Public Sector enables the next generation of government service delivery with tools to develop flexible systems that integrate across functions and departments. A platform of shared and virtualised servers, storage, database, middleware and applications built on open standards and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Oracle Public Sector delivers better information for decision making, better deployment of resources and better-targeted public policy.

Benefits Descriptions
Modernise the IT Infrastructure
  • Support open standards and platforms
  • Transition to grid computing and virtualisation
  • Migrate to a broadband elastic compute platform
  • Ensure security
Increase Efficiency and Transparency
  • Migrate to a service-oriented architecture
  • Deliver shared services
  • Streamline service processes
  • Ensure integrity of operations
Transform Government Service Delivery
  • Provide a common service-delivery platform
  • Automate policy and process
  • Manage master data
  • Embed business intelligence and analytics
  • Enable self-service processes
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