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Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform

Oracle provides visibility and machine learning-driven actionable insights to ease management across all layers of the stack deployed on any technology, anywhere. A top priority today is increasing automation to drive scale and predictable results. Oracle’s integrated functionality and automation for DevOps monitoring and IT operations management makes it 50% easier to prevent and solve IT problems. Start today and improve IT efficiency, identify code level performance issues 10 times faster, and reduce IT complexity.

Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform
Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform now available

Customers’ IT environments are evolving rapidly but observability and management solutions are not keeping up. Read why Oracle’s Observability and Management solution is different.

ESG: Oracle’s New Observability Platform is Well Worth Looking At

Learn the value of Oracle’s new platform, with emphasis on its differentiation.
Author: Mark Peters, Principal Analyst, ESG

Why consider Observability and Management?

Multicloud observability and management

Companies are managing multicloud and on-premises environments with Oracle Observability and Management . As a complete, integrated, standards-based platform, it can provide end-to-end ML-driven actionable insights. This provides a better way to manage customers’ IT technology stacks wherever deployed—on-premises or any cloud.

Watch Oracle Executive Vice President Clay Magouyrk describe how companies including Integra LifeSciences, and Kingold are benefiting from this technology

Multicloud observability and management

Open and extensible

Reducing IT complexity means reducing the multiplicity of monitoring and management tools in the enterprise. Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform offers both integrated functionality and is extensible, so enterprises can easily integrate existing tools with the Oracle solution. Oracle embraces interoperability and open standards including the Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) CloudEvents, and OpenTracing, as well as open source Fluentd to help unify data collection and consumption.

Blog: Announcing Oracle Cloud Service Connector Hub for Orchestrating Data Movement Between Cloud Services
Open and extensible

Cloud-based monitoring and analytics

Developers and IT teams get in-depth ML-based insights, full-stack analytics, forecasting, and more for Oracle and other deployed technologies through the suite of Oracle Observability and Management services, including visibility into microservices, Kubernetes, Java, and .NET running on AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Blog: Announcing Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform
Cloud-based monitoring and analytics

Observability and Management

Application Performance Monitoring (limited availability)

Application Performance Monitoring provides observability capabilities for end-to-end visibility and diagnosis across the entire IT environment. It’s a centerpiece of Oracle’s integrated observability and management solution. Using distributed transaction tracing, it connects user experiences with underlying technology to automate problem identification and diagnosis with a business-centric approach.

  • Compatible with OpenTracing and OpenMetrics for distributed tracing
  • Combines end user monitoring with synthetic monitoring for complete end-to-end insights
  • Ingests telemetry from microservices deployed in Kubernetes or Docker containers
  • Service diagnostics and transaction execution analysis with Trace Explorer

Database Management (limited availability)

With the Database Management Cloud Console, DBAs can monitor database fleets from a unified console for on-premises and cloud databases. Use Performance Hub for deep dive diagnostics and tuning; Optimize SQL with real-time SQL monitoring, and simplify roles, database configurations, and backups.

  • Fleet monitoring and management for Oracle Databases across on-premises and cloud
  • Performance Hub offers an integrated view of Oracle Database activity for easy performance monitoring and diagnostics
  • Real-time SQL monitoring for advanced execution plan analysis and optimization
  • Database administration for simplified management of space, configuration, users, and backup


Logging enables easy ingest of log data and analysis to diagnose issues.


Logging Analytics

Logging Analytics is a machine learning-based cloud solution that monitors, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes all log data from customers’ on-premises and multicloud environments. It enables users to search, explore, and correlate this data to troubleshoot problems faster, derive operational insights, and make better decisions.

  • Monitor cloud logs or any other multicloud log by using the 250+ out of the box parses
  • Rapidly troubleshoot issues with smart, machine learning-based clustering and pattern recognition
  • Find the “needle in the haystack” among millions of rows of logs in a couple of clicks


Monitoring enables users to gain insights on cloud infrastructure and workloads with out-of-the-box metrics for health and performance. Users can configure alarms with thresholds to detect and respond to infrastructure and application anomalies.

  • Ease of use with real-time, out-of-the-box metrics
  • Flexible configuration of alarms
  • Ability to receive alarms via third-party apps, email, and more, and take remedial action via Functions
  • Monitoring Query Language (MQL) for deeper insights
  • Support for CLI, SDK, Console, and Grafana plugins
  • Free allocations of several hundred million data points


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications is a highly available, low-latency publish/subscribe (pub/sub) service that sends alerts and messages to Oracle Functions, email, and message delivery partners, including Slack and PagerDuty.

  • Get notified when Oracle Events are triggered
  • Get notified when alarms are breached
  • Execute serverless Oracle Functions in response
  • Ensure message security with Oracle Identity Management
  • Get started with Console, CLI, or REST API
  • Leverage Oracle Cloud Free Tier and pay-per-message delivery

Operations Insights (limited availability)

Operations Insights empowers IT operations staff to optimize for performance by quickly analyzing performance patterns over time. Performance issues due to seasonal demand as well as slowly degrading performance issues can be avoided using long-term resource and capacity usage analysis for both on-premises and cloud systems.

Capacity planning
Analyze and forecast database resource consumption using long-term historic data. Optimize resource use by identifying and managing over and under-utilized servers.
  • Forecast performance using machine learning-based models
  • Predict capacity utilization issues with automated daily forecasting
  • Quickly identify the largest, most utilized, and fastest growing databases
  • Quickly identify under-utilized servers for repurposing to reduce costs
SQL Warehouse
SQL warehouse stores up to 25 months of SQL data for database trends and performance analysis.
  • Proactively identify SQL issues with automated insights into SQL performance
  • View and analyze data from cloud or on-premises or both sources together
  • Automatically view top resource-consuming SQL queries
  • Analyze application inefficiency and plan volatility

Resource Manager

Terraform-based cloud infrastructure automation

With Resource Manager, IT staff can easily and reliably deploy and manage Oracle Cloud resources using this infrastructure-as-code service. They can use an unmodified, open source codebase that simplifies migrations from and to other environments.

  • Terraform as a service
  • Open-source–based; no lock-in
  • Support for API, CLI, SDK, and console
  • Deep integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Easily manage state files and improve collaboration

Service Connector Hub

Service Connector Hub is a free, managed service that moves data between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. Unlike competing cloud offerings, Service Connector Hub provides a central place for describing, executing, and monitoring data movements between services such as Logging, Object Storage, Streaming, and Monitoring. It can also trigger Functions for lightweight data processing and Notifications for alerting.

  • Single pane of glass to manage and monitor all data movement
  • Easy to setup Service Connectors to move data to Object Storage, Streaming, Monitoring, or trigger Functions and Notifications without writing code.
  • Seamless integration with third-party services
  • Filters for moving data that govern data movement between source and destination services

Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for Oracle Database and Engineered Systems deployed in any cloud and customer data centers. Customers can run Enterprise Manager on-premises and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Database performance management
  • Oracle Exadata management
  • Database lifecycle management
  • Database as a service (DBaaS) for private clouds
  • Real application testing


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure governance provides a comprehensive array of services to help customers optimize costs, maximize utilization, and ensure adherence with corporate standards and legislative compliance for assets deployed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


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October 6, 2020

Announcing Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform

Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The new Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform is a set of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services that enable visibility and insight across cloud-native and traditional technology.

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