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The Cloud: Transformational. Innovative. Foundational

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, explains why the cloud is transformational and foundational to the future of business, driving the ability to connect with customers and provide experiences never before imagined.

Oracle Cloud and new technologies - driving business transformation

Thomas Kurian, President of Product Development discusses the impact that Oracle’s Integrated Cloud Platform and Emerging Technologies are having on businesses and how business leaders can use these technologies to transform their operations.

Why aren’t computers more helpful in decision-making?

Matthew Guest, Head of Digital Strategy Consulting at Deloitte, discusses why computers aren't yet more helpful in the decision-making process, and how they can help us speed up the process.

Customer Experience

Understanding which technologies can help drive better CX

Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO at the CCA discusses the importance of working with stakeholders across business lines, including the IT department, to deliver new and better ways of engaging with customers.

Advanced technologies, simplified GDPR compliance

Join Paul Kennedy and Paul Littler from Oracle discussing GDPR compliance and how advanced technologies can help.

Blending digital channels with rehabilitation and treatment

Amarjit Dhillon, CIO at Turning Point shares how digital transformation and technology are powering the journey, enabling faster treatment for many.

Finance And Supply Chain

How modern supply chains drive competitive advantage

Businesses traditionally spoke about supply chains in terms of cost reductions and efficiencies, but consumers now want things to be quicker and personalised. Sarah Wilkinson discusses how an adaptable supply chain drives competitive advantage.

How to cost-effectively modernise finance

Richard Scammell, Tax Alliances Lead at PwC, explores the challenge of cost-effectively adopting technologies to modernise finance, and stresses the need for business departments to collaborate more to address the needs of the whole organisation.

Building a technology landscape for finance

Fiona Martin, Director of Strategic Alliances Team at KPMG, discusses the need for finance to be agile in an ever-changing world.

The 7 critical areas for manufacturing in 2018

Paul Tate, Research Director and Executive Editor, Manufacturing Leadership Council, highlights 7 key areas in manufacturing, including collaborative cultures, sustainability, transformative technologies and enabling manufacturing of the future.

Driving value with unconventional thinking

James McElhone, Director, Deloitte UK, talks about modern EPM in the cloud and why it means thinking unconventionally to drive value with data, and seeing real monetary benefits from technology investments.

The journey to Manufacturing 4.0

Paul Tate, Manufacturing Leadership Council, explains the journey to Manufacturing 4.0, from starting small and scaling technology investments to wrapping processes and organisational structures around technology for corporate reinvention.

How finance is providing new insights for the future

Fiona Martin, Director of Strategic Alliances Team, KPMG explains how technology as a disruptor gives businesses opportunities to transform finance from a backwards-looking function to a forwards-looking one.

How accountants are transforming business

Anne-Marie Vine-Lott, Phil Toohey and Peter Simons discuss how a common cloud platform enables accountants to add value and transform a business by applying data analytics and their knowledge to strategy.

Modern finance: bringing digital to the back office

Stephen Johnson, Director, Deloitte, talks about the biggest trends in technology and what modern finance means to him: taking the front office’s innovation mindset to the back office through digital transformation.

Integrating business with a cloud-first approach

Jon Fundrey, CEO, MHRA discusses the cloud-first transformation of the UK government’s healthcare regulation agency.

Drive business outcomes with speed and insight

Discover how businesses can gain operational efficiency and agility from having finance and other business applications on the same cloud platform, with a panel consisting of MHRA’s Jon Fundrey, Wiggle’s Jeff Wollen and Oracle’s Mark Newton.

Human Resources

Confidence in Change Management: Oracle Certified Partners

Head of Information Systems John McLeod, explains why project management methodologies of Oracle Certified Partners were the perfect fit for the Scottish Legal Aid Board and its need to implement apps through a cloud-first policy.

What are the biggest influences on changes to the workplace?

Engage Company Secretary Cathy Brown looks at the different factors influencing changes in the way we work, and the role of technology in facilitating this change. But which is the greater influencer - technological innovation, or societal change?

How do you make people feel engaged while at work?

Engage Company Secretary Cathy Brown shares the four aspects of being at work that help us to feel engaged and connected to what we do. How do you give employees purpose and meaning in order to allow them to be more productive, more creative?

Unleash the power of people: From humans to chatbots to AI

Gretchen Alarcon, Group VP of HCM Product Strategy, discusses the transformative nature of today’s workforce while examining the role of emerging technologies including AI and Chatbots.

Technology Leadership

How to take advantage of modern technology

Deloitte's Simon Lowe explores how businesses can take advantage of modern technology, suggesting that you start with the business challenges you want solved and then look at what technologies best support those goals.

How to seize opportunities and create your tomorrow, today

Businesses need to innovate in order to meet new challenges and seize opportunities. Find out from Martin Drake, how Drive Software Solutions transformed its business model to take advantage of new markets and create their tomorrow, today.

Developing tomorrow's skills in today's workforce

Priya Lakhani, CEO of Century Tech discusses the importance of lifelong learning, and how employers need to find ways of engaging their workers in developing these skills.

The ideas, people, processes and technology for GDPR

Oracle’s Paul Kennedy, UK Cloud Leader, discusses the importance of companies innovating with technology and data and putting ideas, people, processes and technology in place to get ready for GDPR.

The role of women in tech and the impact on their lives

Tech Evangelist, Government Advisor and author Dr Sue Black MBE joins Oracle HCM Strategy Director Andy Campbell to discuss the role of women in tech, and the deeper impact technology will have on all of our lives.

Bots, AI and machine learning with Pepper the Robot

Gemma Yussuf and Martin Cookson discuss how machine learning and neural networks run on the cloud enable the natural language processing, image recognition and sentiment detection that special guest Pepper the Robot uses.

What Do Data-Driven Innovators do that Others Can’t?

In this fast-paced session, John Abel, Vice President, Cloud and Technology at Oracle, explores how successful companies are using data and emerging technologies to help engage positively with their customers at the right moment in time.

Technological innovation, from lingerie to blockchain

Oracle’s Stewart Monk talks to Global Entrepreneur Baroness Michelle Mone OBE on how she built a global lingerie brand on innovation, and her passion for new technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Bright New Ideas

Ideas can come from anywhere at Oracle, including from our interns. Check out this mini panel with two of our interns and find out what they're thinking

Advanced technologies, simplified GDPR compliance

Join Paul Kennedy and Paul Littler from Oracle discussing GDPR compliance and how advanced technologies can help.

The role of women at Bletchley Park

HCM Strategy Director Andy Campbell interviews technology evangelist Dr Sue Black OBE on her role in saving Bletchley Park, the site of World War II’s British codebreakers, from financial collapse, and social media’s influence on the campaign.


Transforming your business through autonomous platforms, connected experiences, and the latest cloud apps.


The role of computers in the decision-making process.


Technological innovation, from lingerie to cryptocurrency to blockchain.


Lifelong learning and developing tomorrow's skills in today's workforce


Women in tech, and the deeper impact technology will have on all of our lives.

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