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MySQL Ondemand Webcasts

Welcome to MySQL's on-demand webcast page. Here you can access to MySQL's most popular webcasts covering topics including MySQL Server 8.0 and new features, introduction to MySQL technology and its architecture, InnoDB Cluster, Document Store, Enterprise Edition, Workbench, Enterprise Monitor, Enterprise Backup, Security and all options with MySQL, MySQL Cluster and much more...

MySQL Cluster

Moving to the Future from MongoDB to MySQL Document Store

In this talk you’ll see the benefits and joys of the new reality of MySQL 8.0 - two databases in one. The myriad of SQL/NoSQL use cases are covered. You’ll see how easy it is to migrate from MongoDB to MySQL Document Store. And finally, you’ll discover how enterprise tools can to help you manage this hybrid model. 

MySQL Cluster


MySQL is the only database to offer both SQL and NoSQL data access/storage – delivering the best of both worlds to Developers, DevOps, and DBA teams alike. This presentation covers the basics of the MySQL Document Store and how to use the X DevAPI in MySQL Connector/Node.js 8.0 to manage document collections and use CRUD methods to work with documents in MySQL.

HA Practices

Best HA Practices Learned Working Directly with Customers

This webinar covers the best practices for High Availability. You will also get the opportunity to take a fist hand look at the dos and dont’s that we learned in MySQL support by working directly with our customers and the MySQL engineering teams.


MySQL, NoSQL, JSON, JS, Python: Document Store

Develop your applications with MySQL Document Store and NodeJS. Discover how to combine both worlds of SQL and NoSQL in the same RDBMS and in the same database session. Dev teams as well as DBA teams will both benefit from the advantages of both worlds under the same database instance and software, without having to incorporate another piece of software in the platform.

Automatic Upgrade

Automatic Upgrade and New Error Logging in MySQL 8.0

We will discuss upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0 (8.0.18), going from legacy metadata storage to a transactional data dictionary. MySQL 8.0 enables automation of upgrade, and major advances in upgrade speed and reliability. MySQL 8.0 also have new tools to help DBAs with the upgrade process, so we will discuss the MySQL upgrade checker. MySQL 8.0 has a pluggable error log. We will talk about the traditional error logger and the JSON error logger, which empowers users with advanced filtering.

The Enterprise Edition of MySQL

The Enterprise Edition of MySQL

MySQL Server is Opensource and there is also an Enterprise version. Find out in detail what is included in the Enterprise Edition, what tools, what added functionality and how they can not only help but even save your day to day, providing you with the peace of mind and assurance in more than just a piece of Enterprise software. 


 MySQL Replication. Contingency, Scalability, partial replication, etc. 

One of the most used features of MySQL is MySQL Replication, replicating data from one node to another in various modes and formats. Irrespective of the wider range of objectives, whether it's to protect to core part of the business and provide a native robust architecture solution to the MySQL platform, or to isolate parts of the business through sharding or subsets of data, or to adjust for scalability requirements, or even to provide Disaster Recovery solutions, etc. The decision is ours. 

Benefits of Upgrading to MySQL 8.0

Benefits of Upgrading to MySQL 8.0

Covers how the new features of MySQL 8.0 help increase the performance, high availability, and security of applications. Will show how the latest improvements in SQL and JSON will drastically improve developers productivity.

Migrating to MySQL 8.0

Migrating to MySQL 8.0 from 5.6 or 5.7

Upgrading to MySQL 8.0 is now made much more simpler. This webinar will look at the prerequisites, how to use the new MySQL shell to determine potential problems before the upgrade, and the actual upgrade process. You will learn why to use the MySQL software repositories and the many benefits you will get from the upgrade.

MySQL 8.0 Security via SQL

Checking and Hardening MySQL 8.0 Security via SQL and without OS Access

Due to security restrictions, many DBAs have no access to the Operating System. That's a good thing. MySQL 8.0 added many new features and capabilities for running checks and improve hardening security via a MySQL connection. No SSH required. In this webinar, we will show you what you need to check along with SQL statements for doing it. And if a check fails, how to fix and further secure your MySQL environment.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor + demo

Staying off the Front Page with MySQL Enterprise Edition

In recent years, there has been an increase in the frequency of unauthorized access and/or disclosure of sensitive, confidential or otherwise protected data. Large and well known organizations have seen massive data breaches that have not only resulted in hefty fines and penalties, but has also negatively impacted their reputation. Many of these breaches could have been avoided. With MySQL Enterprise, we provide the tools needed to strengthen your data environment. From SQL injection to hardware theft, we can keep you protected.

InnoDB Cluster

MySQL InnoDB Cluster: New features in 8.0

This webinar will cover the various MySQL HA solutions while using different use cases scenarios. We will highlights the MySQL Enterprise Edition Features that the most demanding businesses rely on to run a robust, scalable and secured system. 

MySQL High Availability

Why MySQL High Availability Matters for your Business

This webinar will cover the various MySQL HA solutions while using different use cases scenarios. We will highlights the MySQL Enterprise Edition Features that the most demanding businesses rely on to run a robust, scalable and secured system.

Demo de Transparent Data Encryption / Keyring

Top Features that Makes MySQL 8.0 the Most Innovative Database of the Year

MySQL 8.0 has several new features of interest to developers using MySQL as their database. The first is the new data dictionary where all the metadata about the database is store in the database instead of scattered around the filesystem.

Demo de Enterprise Audit

Top Reasons to Use MySQL

There are many reasons why MySQL is still the most used and preferred open source database. We’ll look at why many companies, unicorns, and today's world biggest online companies like Facebook, Twitter, and chose to rely on MySQL.  This webinar will go over the top 10 reasons why MySQL remains the number one open source database. It will cover the many business benefits of selecting MySQL for your organization. 

Top 10 Performance

Top 10 Performance Tricks and Techniques for MySQL

Jesper is the author of many MySQL books. One of our top experts in the Support organization he helps customers achieve top performance with their MySQL databases. Join us in this webinar to learn the best tricks and techniques to improve your MySQL database performance.