How Dojo is empowering SMEs with fast and reliable payments

United Kingdom9 November 2022

Working with High Street businesses across the UK, payment technology provider Dojo understands the importance of every payment, particularly as competition for disposable income becomes fiercer than ever. That’s why Dojo’s focused on empowering businesses with the tools and technology to focus on the things that really matter to them – by seamlessly taking care of things that don’t.

Ensuring the smooth running of payments is a critical part of this. While tapping a contactless card on a card machine may look easy, it relies on complex back-end technology to process thousands of transactions rapidly and securely. This is where Dojo comes in – helping businesses to serve customers quicker, trade securely and enable rapid payments. Without it, customer experience and cashflow both suffer.

Scaling, seamlessly

Dojo needed to support its scaling business and a growing customer base, whilst ensuring that customers continued to have the best experience possible. To do this, the company needed a robust, secure infrastructure and database platform that could scale securely and manage rapidly expanding workloads, without performance degradation. Additionally, Dojo wanted to expand and improve its existing hybrid cloud infrastructure to maintain ultrafast speeds for processing transaction requests from tens of thousands of customers.

As part of its long-standing relationship with Oracle, Dojo selected Oracle Cloud to continue its investment in the best-performing technology. The transition was seamless, with Dojo already running tech and application stacks on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Oracle’s technology able to connect to Dojo’s other cloud providers including Google Cloud, and with Equinix and Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres.

For powerful transaction messaging capabilities and security, Dojo selected Oracle Enterprise Database Service on OCI. The team also deployed Oracle FastConnect to help Dojo process thousands of transactions rapidly and securely. This enabled a dedicated connection from OCI to on-premises and other public clouds, with data traffic routed strictly over trusted endpoints, ensuring the highest level of security for trade.

Hard work pays off

By implementing OCI, Dojo was able to scale to provide fast, reliable payments for tens of thousands more customers. Businesses are now able to serve customers even quicker, with transactions processed around 80% faster than the industry average. A complete transaction from a customer requesting payment, to final clearance and authorisation, now requires only 450 milliseconds in the network, or one second to the client.

Oracle’s technology is also maintaining the highest security levels for payments. With fraud an ever-present – and increasing – threat to businesses, Dojo’s Oracle stack can quickly verify merchants and identify suspicious requests. Through machine learning (ML), Oracle’s Database enables Dojo’s data team to apply algorithms of complex rules, preventing fraud with detection of blacklisted credit cards and consumer profiles, and minimising risk.

This technology is driving greater efficiencies and cost savings for Dojo. The impact is palpable for its customers, with Dojo delivering on its promise to transfer customers their previous day’s takings 365 days a year, at no extra charge - an industry first. With Oracle’s support, Dojo can help a far higher number of businesses to reap the benefits of trade even quicker, and provide the vital services they need to stay in control of their card payments.