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Oracle Helps Healthcare Organizations Improve Inventory Management

New mobile capabilities within Oracle Fusion SCM help healthcare organizations optimize stock availability and improve patient care

Austin, Texas—November 14, 2023

To help healthcare organizations improve inventory management and support patient outcomes, Oracle is adding new mobile capabilities to Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM). The new capabilities will help healthcare organizations reduce inventory errors, improve restock efficiency, and gain the visibility they need to better predict demand and optimize stock availability.

“Healthcare organizations are under pressure to deliver a consistently high standard of care while managing costs,” said Chris Leone, executive vice president, applications development, Oracle. “With Oracle Cloud SCM’s new inventory management capabilities, healthcare providers can improve the efficiency and accuracy of inventory management processes to expand visibility, reduce costs, and ensure the right stock is available in the right place, at the right time.”

The new inventory management capabilities support all core inventory transactions within a healthcare organization. This includes full mobile device and barcode scanning support for receiving, putaway, picking, cycle counting, material transfers, and issuing of materials across all types of stocking locations in a hospital—from stockrooms to procedural areas and Periodic Automatic Replacement (PAR) locations. The new mobile capabilities include:

  • PAR Management Workbench: Helps healthcare organizations see inventory levels across all locations, predict demand, and proactively manage replenishment. In addition, new bulk-maintenance capabilities improve user productivity by streamlining bulk stock ordering processes.
  • Mobile PAR Counting App: Helps healthcare organizations efficiently manage PAR from any location. In addition, the app’s off-line mode allows hospitals with poor connectivity to better track inventory at each location and if required, it will trigger a restock once connected to the internet.
  • Last-Mile Logistics App: Helps healthcare organizations improve the efficiency of logistics management, materials delivery, and restocking. In addition, the new app records proof of delivery to help increase transparency at each stock hand-off, while an off-line mode allows hospitals with poor connectivity to optimize internal logistics.

The new inventory management capabilities are the latest additions to Oracle Cloud SCM to help healthcare organizations optimize planning, automate processes, and enhance visibility across the supply chain. Oracle recently announced new healthcare-focused procurement, replenishment planning, and recall management capabilities. In the last 12 months, Oracle has added healthcare-specific supply chain capabilities including: logistics, product lifecycle management, planning, procurement, and channel revenue management.

Part of Oracle Fusion Applications Suite, Oracle Cloud SCM helps organizations seamlessly connect supply chain processes and quickly respond to changing demand, supply, and market conditions. With applications for finance, supply chain, HR, and customer experience, Oracle provides the most complete suite of enterprise applications on a single integrated cloud platform. Oracle’s self-updating platform gives customers access to continuous innovation, as new features are added every 90 days.

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