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Oracle Buys Next Technik

Field service management solution helps organizations improve the efficiency of end-to-end field service operations and increase customer satisfaction

SuiteWorld 2023, Las Vegas17 October 2023
Next Technik

Oracle has completed the acquisition of Next Technik, a leading provider of field service management solutions for NetSuite customers and is now part of the Oracle NetSuite organization. This acquisition provides field service management capabilities for NetSuite customers, which enable businesses to digitize and streamline scheduling and dispatch. It also allows customers to manage inventory and assets for increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The new field management solution will help improve field-to-office communications, simplify scheduling and dispatch, automate inventory and customer asset management, and increase visibility into real-time data.

“Field service organizations are often plagued by cumbersome manual processes that negatively affect productivity, the customer experience, and overall revenue,” said Evan Goldberg, founder and EVP, Oracle NetSuite. “To help our customers address these issues and enhance field service operations, we are excited about this new field management solution. By automating key field service processes and providing real-time insights, it will help our customers reduce operational costs, increase satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately improve both the top and bottom lines.”

Field Service Management by NetSuite replaces the paperwork, spreadsheets, and other outdated processes commonly used by field service organizations. By streamlining the collection of data in the field and making it immediately available in NetSuite, the solution will help organizations reduce operational costs, improve decision-making, and increase profitability. It will help organizations improve:

  • Scheduling and Dispatch: Schedulers can easily assign and dispatch the technician with the right skills that is closest to the job in just a few clicks. In addition, schedulers can optimize the service for items such as warranty replacements, preventative maintenance, repair services, and installation by creating work orders from NetSuite cases, sales orders, projects, and customer assets.
  • Field Productivity: Field technicians can access real-time information on job details and customer and asset history via a mobile app on their preferred device, eliminating time wasted with calls back to the office for missing information. To further increase productivity and simplify billing, expenses related to each job are automatically recorded.
  • Asset Management: Organizations can centralize the management of all customer assets and gain full visibility into asset hierarchy, history usage, and maintenance. This enables each asset to be monitored from installation and commissioning to decommissioning or sale and asset costs to be tracked and managed at every stage, including manufacturing, bill of materials (BOM), and warranties. As a result, organizations can conduct timely preventative maintenance and ensure service is aligned with warranty schedules.
  • Inventory Management: Organizations can automate the entire inventory management lifecycle to accurately track truck inventory and ensure maintenance tool kits are fully stocked and all parts and equipment are available to meet customer service requirements. This increases first time-fix rates, reduces secondary truck rolls due to lack of inventory, and improves inventory leakage rates by eliminating write-offs due to lost or missing components. In addition, a direct integration with NetSuite Inventory Management helps organizations further improves inventory management by enabling field service technicians to access and update inventory data in real time via a mobile app.
  • Operational Insights: Organizations can consolidate field service data within one system and leverage a dashboard of key performance indicators to measure business performance related to every job, customer, service contract, and technician. This helps organizations improve decision making, uncover inventory leakage, track customer service improvements, and increase profitability.


Field Service Management by NetSuite is now available via Next Technik in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It will be sold directly by NetSuite in the coming months.

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