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Oracle OpenWorld Europe 2020 Highlights

Anchor Keynote: Oracle CEO Safra Catz at Oracle OpenWorld Europe

Safra Catz
Chief Executive Officer, Oracle

Learn how cloud technologies begin to reshape the way we interact with the world around us. Today, emerging technology and automation permeate every aspect life. Learn how Oracle Cloud drives innovation and real change.

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Anchor Keynote: Oracle Autonomous Cloud - World Bee Project CIC

Amanda St. L Jobbins
Chief Marketing Officer, EMEA, Japan and Asia Pacific, Oracle

Bees are the most important species on earth. Yet bee numbers have declined dramatically over the last few years. Hear how Oracle and The World Bee Project are applying IoT, big data and AI to create more sustainable ecosystems for bees.

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Solution Keynote: The Future of Data Management

Juan R. Loaiza
Executive Vice President, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle

Learn how emerging technologies will help you eliminate the sources of data management complexity, lower costs, increase reliability, and speed -up development process.

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Solution Keynote: A New Class of Cloud Infrastructure

Bryan Thompson
Vice President of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Find out how Deutsche Lufthansa improve Claim and Sales Management System by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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Anchor Keynote: Nine Big Shifts that will Determine Your Future Business of Technology Operating

Hans van Grieken
EMEA Technology Research and Insights Leader, Deloitte

Explore nine shifts which determine your ability to deliver technology rapidly, successively, and at scale. Learn why organizations concluded their IT technology operating model needs to transform into a company wide Business of Technology capability.

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Anchor Keynote: Oracle Cloud Drives Innovation and Real Change

Steve Daheb
Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud

Find out how cloud technologies begin to reshape how we think about and interacting with the world around us, and how emerging technologies and automations are impacting every aspect of our life.

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Anchor Keynote: How to Turn Change into Opportunity

Juergen Lindner
Senior Vice President, Marketing, SaaS, Oracle

Explore how Oracle Cloud applications can help you stay ahead of your competition. Also, learn how AI, blockchain, IoT, and conversational UI can help reshape your core business processes.

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Closing Keynote: How Oracle and Microsoft Hit Refresh

Clive D'Souza
Head of Product Management & Business Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Learn how our joint customers can benefit from Oracle and Microsoft distributed cloud deployment model through networking, unified identity, compatibility and support.

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Anchor Keynote: Technology-Powered Possibilities

Andrew Sutherland
Senior Vice President,Technology and Systems, Oracle Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Explore how machine learning and automation are powering the world's only autonomous cloud and how Oracle's relentless focus on enabling customer innovation spans a complete portfolio of products, services, and differentiated capabilities.

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Solution Keynote: Outpacing Change in a Disrupted World—The New Core of Business

Rondy Ng
Senior Vice President, ERP Applications Development, Oracle

Discover how new technologies such as AI, machine learning, conversational UI, and predictive analytics can help you reshape your finance department. Learn how abcam extends leadership in scientific research through business transformation.

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Anchor Keynote: People:Power:Machine

Rob McCargow
Artificial Intelligence Leader, PwC

Learn how the development, adoption, and assurance of human-centric AI solutions positively contributes to innovations and economic developments to solve the world's most important problems.

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    The New Core of Business

    Finance, Reporting, Planning, Supply Chain

    Learn more
    Unlocking Possibilities with Data

    Database, Data Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence

    Learn more
    The Changing Workforce

    Human Capital, Talent Management, Employee Engagement

    Learn more
    Putting AI to Work

    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Technologies

    Learn more
    Your Evolving Customer

    Service, Marketing, Sales, Commerce

    Learn more
    Transformational Technologies

    Blockchain, Robotics, IoT, Virtual and Augmented Realities

    Learn more
    Leading the Way

    Leadership, Innovation, Growth, Diversity, Culture

    Learn more
    Modern IT Operations

    Cloud, Infrastructure, Network, Systems, Security

    Learn more
    Delivering for Citizens

    Digital Transformation, Constituent Engagement, Modernising Service

    Learn more
    Cloud Application Development

    Dev Tools, Java, Machine Learning, Microservices, Digital Assistants, DevOps

    Learn more
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Featured Speakers

Safra Catz

Safra Catz

Chief Executive Officer, Oracle

Safra Catz is chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation and a member of the company's board of directors. She previously served as president of Oracle and has also served as the company's chief financial officer. Catz first served as Oracle's chief financial officer from 2005 to 2008, as executive vice president from 1999 to 2004, and as senior vice president from April to October 1999. She served on the board of directors for HSBC Holdings, one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations, from 2008 through 2015.

Tim Peake

Major Tim Peake CMG


Tim Peake was the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut to travel to the International Space Station. Previously an Army Air Corp officer and test pilot, his work on the ISS and active engagement with the public back on Earth has made him a household name and role model to millions. Having first flown as a teenager, Tim applied to the Army Air Corp and after serving on the ground in Northern Ireland gained his wings and served in search and rescue. He worked providing humanitarian aid in the aftermath of the Bosnian war, trained the first British Apache helicopter crews, and supported Special Forces in Afghanistan. Following a distinguished military career and rising to the rank of major, and a period as a test pilot in the private sector, Tim applied to the ESA’s astronaut programme. Beating over 9,000 other applicants, he undertook a gruelling training programme that covered everything from living in Sardinian caves to spending 12 days underwater.

Travelling to the ISS on board a Soyuz vessel, Tim and two fellow astronauts led the Principia mission, a six-month scientific research mission. Tim undertook over 250 experiments, a spacewalk to repair the ISS power supply, helped to dock two spacecraft, and piloted a simulated Mars exploration. Much of his mission focused on not just the scientific work of the ISS but in communicating it to the public. In regular contact via video and social media with Earth, Tim spoke to over 1.5million schoolchildren across Europe from 400km above the planet. He even ran the London Marathon on a treadmill and delivered a New Year’s message on the BBC. Tim is a passionate ambassador for STEM subjects, appearing extensively in the media speaking about the importance of science. In his book Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space, Tim answers all the most common questions on life in space, from the feeling of travelling at 8km per second to sleeping and eating in weightlessness.

Dara Ó Briain

Dara Ó Briain

Comedian, Television Host, Author

Dara Ó Briain has earned a reputation as one of the finest comedians of the times. He is an assured and silver-tongued performer, maestro of Mock the Week and, in the eyes of The Sun, the best guest presenter on Have I Got News For You. In cabaret, Dara draws audiences into his confidence and never lets the laughter fade. His relaxed but quick-fire delivery draws on surreal aspects of everyday life, commonplace situations and the headlines of the day. Dara has sold out shows all over the world, from Melbourne to Shanghai. In his first appearance at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, he made such an impact that space had to be made for him in the gala bill hosted by Joan Rivers. The previous host of The Apprentice: You're Fired! and a regular on QI, Dara has also starred with Rory McGrath and

Dara has also exposed his love of all things science co-hosting Stargazing with Prof. Brian Cox and hosting Science Club and Six Degrees of Separation. Dara is also both producer and host of the popular Irish satirical show, The Panel. Latterly he has turned his hand to writing, with a sports column in the Guardian newspaper, and his first book, Tickling The English.

Cally Beaton

Cally Beaton

Media Executive, Entertainer

Cally Beaton is a media executive, entrepreneur and performer. At the start of her career, she headed an independent television production company that was bought by ITV. She joined the board of the UK’s main commercial broadcaster as both the youngest and the only woman member. She left ITV to start a creative consultancy and production company as well as joining Viacom as Senior Vice President of International Sales. It was working on Comedy Central that saw Cally develop her other life as a standup comedian. Cally considers the nature of the workplace and leadership culture. She looks at how to engender change (both personal and organisational), inspire teams and develop a positive, agile and inclusive environment.

Tracy Edwards

Tracy Edwards


Tracy was expelled from school at the age of 15 and with no exams or qualifications she left to travel the world. She began working on charter yachts in Greece at the age of 17 and learned how to sail. Tracy took part in her first Whitbread Round the World Race as cook aboard ‘Atlantic Privateer’ in 1985/86 becoming the first woman to race around the world on a Maxi.

Upon completion she decided to enter the first all-female crew in the 1989/90 Whitbread and ‘Maiden’ crossed the start line on 2nd Sept 1989 and sailed into the history books. ‘Maiden’ went on to win two of the legs and came second in class overall. The best result for a British boat since 1977 and the best result for an all-female crew ever. Tracy was awarded the MBE and became the first woman in its 34 year history to be awarded the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy.

Dr Rand Hindi

Dr Rand Hindi

AI Researcher, Data Scientist

Dr Rand Hindi is an entrepreneur and investor in Artificial Intelligence and Privacy. He is the CEO at Zama, focusing on homomorphic encryption for ZeroTrust machine learning.

Rand started coding at the age of 10, founded a Social Network at 14 and a web agency at 15 before getting into Machine Learning at 18 and starting a PhD at 21. He then created Snips, the first edge-based, private by design voice solution for OEMs, which was then acquired by Sonos.

He has been elected as a TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, as a "30 under 30" by Forbes, is a lecturer at Sciences Po in Paris and an advisor to multiple companies. He was previously a member of the French Digital Council where he focused on AI and Privacy issues.

He holds a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Bioinformatics from University College London (UCL), as well as two graduate degrees from Singularity University in Silicon Valley and THNK in Amsterdam.

Dr Hannah Fry

Dr Hannah Fry

Mathematician, Broadcaster

Dr. Hannah Fry is an Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. She works alongside a unique mix of physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, architects and geographers to study the patterns in human behaviour - particularly in an urban setting. Her research applies to a wide range of social problems and questions, from shopping and transport to urban crime, riots and terrorism.

Thimon de Jong

Futurist, Human Behaviour Specialist

Thimon De Jong is an expert in changing human behaviour, societal and cultural trends and the effects they have for businesses and nations. He runs his own thinktank and consultancy delivering strategic insight to all types of organisation. He also lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University. Formerly Director of Insight and Strategy at Dutch trends interpretation agency TrendsActive, Thimon looks at the changes in gender, society and demographics to predict what organisations will have to deal with to stay ahead. Thimon examines how social trends, technology and culture influence human behaviour and how this should influence and inform the behaviour of businesses whether looking at their consumers, their employees or their overall strategy.

Juan R. Loaiza

Juan R. Loaiza

Executive Vice President, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle

Juan Loaiza is executive vice president of mission-critical database technologies at Oracle; he reports to Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison. Loaiza is responsible for leading product strategy, product development, and product management for the world’s leading transaction processing and engineered systems technologies, in the public cloud and on premises.

Loaiza holds BS and MS degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 1988, he left the MIT doctoral program to join the Oracle Database engineering team and has been an innovator in database technologies ever since.

Rob Tarkoff

Rob Tarkoff

Executive Vice President and General Manager, CX Cloud, Oracle

Rob joined Oracle in 2018 as EVP, leading CX Cloud product and strategy across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. His goal is to build products that help companies succeed in the Experience Economy. In this new paradigm, the customer experience is paramount; inseparable from the value of the good or services a company provides. And at its helm are today's consumers, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries.

Rob spent the last 15 years focused on the customer experience, developing products for both large and early-stage companies. Most recently, as President and CEO of Lithium Technologies, Rob created the leading software in online communities. Prior to that, he ran the Digital Enterprise business for Adobe. Rob brings an outside-in perspective to Oracle and to each project, realizing that the way we and our customers work is rapidly changing, pushing us to adapt and transform in ways we never even imagined.