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Oracle Master Data Management

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Oracle Master Data Management is a comprehensive platform that delivers consolidated, consistent and authoritative master data across the enterprise and distributes this master information to all operational and analytical applications. Its capabilities are designed for mastering data across multiple domains ranging from: Customer, Supplier, Site, Account, Asset and Product including many others.

Why Oracle?

Oracle Master Data Management drives results by empowering enterprises and their users with the ability to cleanse, govern and manage the quality and lifecycle of master data. Oracle's MDM is an offering designed to reduce the cost of compliance and reduce time to market as well as improve the customer experience by optimising marketing efforts and providing the answers customers need – not more questions.

Oracle Master Data Management
Oracle Master Data Management

Oracle Master Data Management is designed to work closely with your applications for a true view of key business data spanning multiple domains, that is enriched, standardised, cleansed and consolidated. Enhance and empower the customer experience with Oracle MDM.

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